5 thoughts on “How to breed dogs?”

  1. I think that if you breed a dog, the first is to find a "blind date" for the dog. If the dog you raise is a more precious bitch, at this time you should choose a dog that is the same as its variety to breed. This way The breed of dogs will be more pure, not a small string.
    Secondly, we need to pick up the dogs that are about to become their own dog "blind date" and let them cultivate their feelings for a period of time. Dogs must understand each other before breeding. I do n’t know it at all, and then that, so to give them a certain time and space, it is helpful to both of them.
    Finally, the dog can be breeded with peace of mind. Perhaps the dogs are relatively sensitive during this period, so the owner must be patient with his dog. Take good care of your dog and its "blind date" so that the dog can get pregnant and give birth to a puppy.

  2. I personally feel that if you want to breed your dog, you can go to find a proper male dog around you. It is best to be the same variety as your dog. For example, your dog's dog It is Husky, then the male dog you are looking for must also be Husky, so that the puppy blood bred is pure enough.
    And the male dog is best to choose those who look tall and powerful. Because such dogs often have higher or more pure. Of course, if you go to the dogs of someone else's dog, you need to pay for your dog. The amount of money depends on which price your dog variety is? The better your own dog variety, the higher the money you say you need to pay.
    If you do n’t have the same variety of dogs around you to raise the same variety as your dog, then at this time, you better ask in many parties and go to that kind of dog factory to match the dog.
    The advantage of going to the Chinese field is that you have room for choice. There are many dogs in the dog farm. There is always one that will satisfy you. Of course, money also wants to spend.

  3. The nests of the rural areas of dogs are healthy. Whoever cares about how to breed it? A group of people are full to do these things.

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