What are the good ways to capture stray dogs and which institutions can help? Intersection Intersection

5 thoughts on “What are the good ways to capture stray dogs and which institutions can help? Intersection Intersection”

  1. Do you take it for a stray dog ​​capture or in batches? First of all, there must be appropriate transportation tools, and then the appropriate size cage or box. The box can not be a carton. The specific tools can be made by self -made: a hollow tube with a diameter of 5cm, the tube wall needs thicker, the length is 1 meter to 1.2 meters of 1.2 meters. Then, wearing nylon ropes in the middle, preferably steel wire rope. The rope passes through the hollow tube with a U -shaped. One end forms O -shaped, which can be used to hold the dog's neck. One is used to adjust the size of the "clue circle". After the dog is away from the dog to a certain distance, he quickly puts around the dog's neck, and quickly lifts up. Controls and pull the dog to the cage and box prepared in advance. Speaking of which I don't know how to understand? I do n’t know which city you are, and the specific institutions do n’t understand, but the general restriction office is the right to manage and capture stray cats and dogs. You should contact them first!

  2. Usually live with large nets. The fastest results.
    If you have patience, use delicious temptation and use traction rope. First use deliciously to eliminate its wishes and accompany it for a while, but when they eat, try not to move their food. If you eat food, you will not be good. Try to touch it after eating, and be careful not to be bitten. The traction rope is best to be a soft P chain. It is easy to put it on the head. Do not pull it hard after putting it on the head.
    Itta other methods include food that is mixed with sleeping pills. It is very troublesome and unsafe.
    If the local animal protection organization (none of them), or to catch up with urban management and public security to clean up stray dogs, they may be able to help.

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