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  1. Dogs to gain weight recipe:

    First of all, we need to supplement the dog's trace elements in the body and cure the standard. The biggest reason for the dog is the lack of trace elements, so we must fundamentally change the dog Dogs must supplement trace elements. I believe that there are many trace elements in the market. Secondly, refuse to eat a single dog food and pursue nutritional balance. In addition, it is best not to let the dog eat a single dog food for a long time. If you have time, you need to repeat the dogs regularly if you have time. Sometimes it is too thin. It may be the influence of parasites in the body. Only dogs will grow up healthy.

    It if the dog walks a while, there is no way to recover, and the reason for these reasons is derived from the lack of vegetables.

    The fruit is rich in vitamin C, and it should not be discouraged. It should be more carefully mixed with celery, rapeseed and other meat to coax it to eat. In addition, although carrots are rich in vitamin A and carotene, it is easy to discharge with feces after chopping, which is the most effective for dogs infected with high -thermal infectious diseases infected with canine plague.

    The soil of dogs is caused by the lack of trace elements in the dog's own body, which is what we call "what you want to eat", so the landlord can give the dog to eat some some Foods or health products with trace elements, health products such as: Jin Schillki, good cunning films, etc. we eat.

    It must be nutritious first if you want to increase weight, but you cannot increase too much food from the beginning, because the dogs lack nutrition for a long time, but the dogs can not stand too much at once, and they should gradually increase it. Feeding weight. Now it is mainly to eat and eat less, and it should be mainly beef and mutton or chicken. Properly add some vegetables such as carrots and cabbage, with rice, noodles and feeding. Dog food is not easy to digest, and there are additives. It is best to make nutrition meals for the dogs. In addition, you can get more bone soup for it, and it is easy to absorb calcium.

    . Take your time, the good dog is so thin that it is so sad, love it well, I hope it will be strong as soon as possible!

    Slimming is mainly because of the imbalance of trace elements in the body. In fact, we can pay attention to the matching when giving the dog food. It must be coarse and fine. Wait, as long as the dogs are helped to adjust the level of trace elements in the body, they can naturally be healthy and healthy, with a reasonable and reasonable diet. If it is too thin, it will naturally solve it.

    The fertilizer recipe 1:

    Materials: 500 grams of fresh yam, 390 grams of almonds, 1500 grams of milk. Method: Military water is soaked with warm water and torn off the epidermis, leaving Renyan into thinning, pouring in cow's milk for stirring, mixing, filtering and removing the residue juice liquid for later use. Peel the yam (pay attention to wearing gloves when peeing, avoid allergies), wash and cut into pieces, add almond milk juice in a bowl, and steam in the pot for about 20 minutes. pot. Once every morning and evening, use a small amount of warm wine to be adjusted for 1-2 spoons each time. Efficacy: Jianpi and kidney, warm and nourishing, is the best supplement for people who want to get fat.

  2. What do you eat for it? Is it malnutrition?

    It a bit of homemade dog food for it. Beef, vegetables, carrots, kelp (can be beautiful, and nutritious,) eat two egg yolks a week. Egg yolk is also beautiful.
    If the puppy is good, you can eat less and eat more, feed more appropriately, pay attention to observing its BB, BB can eat too much, BB is less, give it less yolk, give it some egg yolks, a week for a week, a week for a week, a week for a week, and a week for a week. If you eat three, you ca n’t absorb it
    Otherwise, drink some milk powder, spend 3 yuan to buy a bottle of food mother, 3 yuan of glucose powder, and cooked corn noodles Cook it, add some carrot powder, shrimp powder, eggs. My friend's house is only 2 and a half months old, and now it is 25 pounds, like pigs! Intersection Intersection

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the embarrassing period. A monkey face will appear when the dog is four or five months old. At this time, the dog's hair will become scarce hair loss. This situation is what we call the embarrassing period. When the dog has an embarrassing period, some dogs will not eat well, and even the problem of picky eaters, so at this time, the dog will also have a fat and not fat. Don't worry about the embarrassing period. As long as you prevent the dog picky eaters, you still feed it as usual. After this short time, it will be normal. Multi -exercise helps dogs gain weight. Pinded exercise can help enhance appetite and make the body healthier. If the dog is too thin and does not like to eat, you can also take it out to walk out, walk, and bask in the sun. After returning home, your appetite usually increases. Although exercise consumes a lot of calories, it is also good for eating more. Try insect repellent. Some owners know that they want to vaccinate the dog regularly, so do you know that you have to remove the dog regularly?nAsk for a month of paparazzi, what should I do if there is individual black wolf dogs without any illness?nAnswer pro -nTry deworming ^_ ^♪nYou can go to the veterinary shop to buy insect repellent medicine ^ ^_ ^♪nAsk, thank you!n4 morenBleak

  4. The dog's body is thin, there are many reasons, such as more parasites, poor gastrointestinal absorption, food problems, etc.
    Previously, I only fed the leftovers and did not feed the dog food. Later, the dogs were very thin and I was not fat. I was afraid of the dog. Nutrition, learned from the doctor's mouth that the nutrition of the leftovers is not enough, and it cannot meet the nutritional needs of the dog. According to the introduction, I bought a "non -greasy natural dog food" and usually feed some vegetables and fruits occasionally, in order to in order It didn't take long for the dog to gain weight, of course, you must insist on deworming, and the impact is also great.
    above is a personal experience, hopes to adopt

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