4 thoughts on “[Ask for advice] How to simmer for the beef for dogs?”

  1. Selection of meat: Chicken as the best (peeled), and then duck meat (peeled).
    This method of cooking: Put the meat in the form of shredded meat or meat in the water, cook in water, do not put salt without salt , MSG and other ingredients. Then take out the meat grinding machine and twisted into meat foam. Later is the ordinary method of cooking porridge. When the porridge is fast, put the meat foam and stir the pan. Put it in ventilation or cold water. Only the porridge is completely cool to give the dog to eat.
    Note: There is no need to put any ingredients in the pork porridge during the entire cooking process. Eating meat foam porridge is generally puppies. . The dog food of your pet shop to buy puppies will be soaked in warm water of about 50 degrees for 5 minutes. Pour the water about 4/3 or all, and you can eat it.
    Products, especially salt, eat more salt to harm the dog.

  2. Don't be too salty and greasy.
    does not need to put any materials, really need to put some carrots. In fact, all the cooked cooked are all walking.
    New, not let it be addicted, and you will not eat without beef in the future.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 400 grams of beef minced meat. The corners are basically thin and long tendons. There are a little meat on it, or they are indeed small pieces of minced meat, so basically only need to be cut with scissors. Remember to cut off the oil when cutting.nThe 5L air dryer is full of spacious. Because it is a thin piece, it is enough one night.nPut the baking sheet after air drying, and see the oil by the way. Bake for two or three minutes, especially fragrant.nIt's completelynMore 2nBleak

  4. Boil it with boiling water, don't put anything, cook for 20 minutes, the beef should be cooked, just mix with a little vegetable and salt, (not too much salt,)

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