2 thoughts on “How to prevent rabies from raising cats”

  1. How to prevent cats suffer from rabies
    1. To insist on giving cats for rabies vaccines. If a cat suffers from rabies, you don't need to think about treatment, because there is no way to treat this disease. The only way is to quickly kill.
    2. If your cat is bitten, in order to prevent rabies, you need to observe the cat. To deal with the wounds on the cat, you need to let the wound flow in the first time. This can reduce the body absorb the virus, then rinse the wound with soapy water, then wash the wound with 3%iodine, and then inject the drug.
    The above is the introduction of "how to prevent the symptoms of rabies of cats". If rabies have suffered from, there is no way to treat it, so you must stay away from those stray cats. If your pets are bitten after being bitten, Be sure to deal with the wound as soon as possible and go to the hospital for injections.

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