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  1. The process method of transporting from rural areas to the city with a passenger car that just full moon:
    It you can go to your local "passenger terminal" to find the "passenger car" that directly reaches the destination, discuss with the driver, the driver is generally I will tell you where to wait for his car, and then you install the puppy with a cage, write a piece of paper with the name and phone number of the dog, wait for the car to come, even the dogs and paper pieces Give it to the driver together.
    The puppy aviation consignment method transportation container requirements:
    1. Consultation should be consulted to the airline before buying a ticket.
    2. Bring a puppy to the animal quarantine station where the residence is located to issue a quarantine qualification certificate, or go directly to the airport animal quarantine supervision station for on -site quarantine (the cost is about 150 yuan).
    3, then put the puppy in a strong cage for pressure to resist, avoid puppy injury or escape 4. Putting the puppy to the airport by itself. Pay the puppy consignment fee.
    4, the cage must be a dedicated aviation box or wire cage. Pets can rotate and stand freely in pets.
    5, cages must have a disinfection certificate issued by the units above the district -level animal epidemic prevention supervision.
    6. The packaging is strictly implemented in accordance with the regulations of the airline. The regulations of various localities will not be described in detail, otherwise it shall not be carried out.
    7. The container of random consignment of small animals (passengers can buy them at pet shops) must meet the requirements that can prevent animals from damaging, escaping and extending containers.

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