1 thought on “What to do if the dog is too dependent on the owner”

  1. Dogs have always wanted to follow you and follow you. At this time, you should pay attention. The dog is too dependent on the owner, but it will make the dog unable to be independent. Once you leave the dog, you will be sad or depressed or some riots will occur. What does dogs depend on the owner? Now most of the dogs are young people, and they need to work every day. Dogs are too dependent on the owner, which will definitely affect people's normal life. If the owner really can't accompany the dog, the pet dog who is accustomed to the owner every day will feel that he will be abandoned by the owner.
    The dogs are sticking to the owner because they lack safety, and they are not confident that they will be abandoned by the owner. This should give the dog some encouragement when living with the dog. Essence

    In the dogs are encouraged to play with the dogs with other pet dogs. When the dogs have their own similar playmates, their entertainment life will be more "rich", and their temperament will become even more Cheerful.
    The pet dogs must give them some free time to let them learn to play alone.

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