1 thought on “What is the dog's injection and syndrome? How much does it cost?”

  1. Pet hospitals can get pets.

    Igenums of dogs: preventing canine plague, small virus disease, canine infectious hepatitis, canine subtota, canine adenovirus, and pupils of canine hook end. The price of imported vaccine is 60- 80 yuan/needle, domestic 30 yuan/needle

    Buchi vaccine
    In three months old puppies injection once every three months old, immunomotive year, import price is about 150 yuan/ Needle.

    . As for the price of each city, the price of each city is different. You must first go to the street and neighborhood committee to issue a certificate of allowing dog breeding, and then go to the local police station to raise the dog certificate. The statue, weight! In the first year in Beijing (key management city), 1,000 yuan will be paid, and 500 yuan will be delivered every year in the future.

    At the same time that we are all hukou, the local police station injected a needle domestic vaccine for the dogs for free, but it doesn't remember, but the immune capacity of domestic vaccines is average. Hehe, let's take it to the hospital yourself to fight

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