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  1. Hello, please read the following carefully: castration is also called removing. It is the veterinarian to remove the testicles to the male under the condition of animal anesthesia. Foreign pets have become routine. What are the benefits of going to momentum? There are many benefits of pets: First, avoid unnecessary reproduction. If cats and dogs do not sterilize, the number of fertility offspring increases geometrically: a pair of unborn cats and dogs are matched and reproduced. It will increase to 12,680, and it will reach 80399,780 in the 10th year. Many countries or regions are in groups of wild cats or stray dogs. A large number of unnecessary small animals came to the world, and fate must be miserable. Secondly, the pets of pets are more tame and easy to raise; at the same time, the painfulness of the pets of pets and may be lost because of their occasional leaving home. Female dogs who have not yet surrounded their estrus twice a year, and female cats estrus every 3 months. During the estrus, animals always try to go out to find puppets. Even if they are locked at home, they will be irritable, or urinate around, and even damage furniture objects, bringing a lot of trouble. Male pets that are not treated often have a tendency to find puppets. When there are estrus female companions nearby, it is particularly difficult to be peaceful at home. Pets are often lost because they are leaving home, sometimes walking on the streets, they are rolled to death by vehicles, and even causing traffic accidents. The howling and fighting when the cats who have not gone are annoying, it is one of the reasons why some people hate cats. Third, the trend is conducive to the health of pets, and no reproductive organs, such as female breast cancer and uterine infection, male testicular cancer and prostate disease. Is it too cruel to do surgery? Obviously not. Small surgery, especially the males, are simpler surgery. The veterinarian is under the anesthesia, and the animals will not be painful, and they will quickly restore health. On the contrary, if there are so many cute little lives for birth, it is cruel because people do not need it. Therefore, if you respect your life and care for your pets, then please perform a momentum for it in time! This is the responsibility of the owner. Pet physiological conditions before surgery If you do sterilization surgery for pets, you must ensure that the pet is very healthy at this time, no disease, and an epidemic prevention needle. Under normal circumstances, do not give it sterilization surgery when pets are in estrus. In this case, pets can better adapt to the life after sterilization. The specific time for sterilization surgery for pets should be decided based on its personality changes and development. For male dogs, the earliest is 10 months old, and it can perform sterilization surgery; but the best time is that it grows after 12-11 April. For female dogs, the earliest when it was 8-10 months old, it could be sterilized for it. The best time is after it is 1 year old. Under normal circumstances, it is best not to do sterilization surgery for dogs too early, because too early may lead to incomplete urethral development, and even urethral stenosis (but the probability will only increase by 4%-5%). The earliest cat can undergo sterilization surgery when it is 8 months old, and the best age is when the age is 1 year; the mother cat is first 6 months old, and the best time is 8-14 months old. when. In principle, it is best to have a sterilized surgery for cats. It is best to wait for it to mature physiological. After the estrus once, the surgical effect will be more ideal after the physical function development is relatively complete. Precautions before and after surgery are needed to use anesthesia during sterilization surgery, so within 6 hours before surgery, do not let pets eat anything, do not drink water for pets within 2 hours before the operation. Before the pet returned to its small nest from the operating room, the owner was better to clean up its nest carefully, packed it cleanly, and arranged more warmly. On the one hand, it can avoid wound infection, and on the other hand, the pets feel more psychologically comfortable. After surgery, in order to prevent wound infections, special attention should be paid to cleaning the pet toilet in time. If you have planned to do sterilization surgery for pets, you should pay special attention to prevent pets from cooling before surgery. After the operation, you should wait for the wound to heal, and then take a bath. The most important thing is that before and after the operation, the pet owner should communicate with pets more, accompany it, and give it spiritual comfort. Don't let it feel a lot of torture. If you choose a pet hospital for sterilization surgery at home, please go to a hospital that allows a sterilization certificate. There should be regular attending physicians that can be strictly disinfected by surgery to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation. Note: Each answer is gathered by the answer. After selecting satisfactory answers, when selecting the next option, it will affect the relevant data changes of the respondent, so please choose your choice carefully.

  2. I am afraid that the male dog sterilization surgery is much easier than a bitch, and don't take it lightly. People must follow during the operation, and let the doctor observe and report when they are anesthetic, and immediately first aid immediately. After the operation, please stay in the hospital for 3-4 hours. Wait for the dog to be completely awake, and then observe for a while before leaving. During this period, observe the dog's mental condition and monitor the temperature of the dog. After some dogs are under surgery, they may not be able to bear the hemp medicine, their physical temperature will drop sharply, and they may die. One of the dogs I knew was the male dog's sterilization, and the result was dead. The male dogs are sterilized, and the temperature of the body is decreased sharply after surgery. If you take it away after the operation, maybe there will be that tragedy.

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