5 thoughts on “How is the dog's athletes caused, and what is the reason for dogs with athletes”

  1. Dogs are not only related to environmental factors, but also have a certain connection with physical fitness, external infection sources, and bathing methods. After the dogs are long -term, they need to treat the dog in time, clean up the affected area, and wipe the plaster. Everyday, we can enrich the dietary structure as much as possible. During the recovery period, the sun can be exposed, which can improve skin resistance.

  2. There are many reasons for dogs. The indirect reason may be the external environment and other sources of infection. The internal reason is that its own resistance is low, so that the fungal invasion is invaded, but no need to panic. External medicine, supplement nutrition, and maintain patience and calmness. After all, this is a long -term process. It is best to shave the whole body hair.

  3. There are many reasons, but the main reason is that the dog's resistance is too poor. It can supplement the dog to supplement vitamins and strengthen nutrition. There are also dogs of dogs to take medicine baths. The medicine bath that my dog ​​used at that time was basically good. This is Chinese medicine. Wash 1-2 times a week. Pay attention to pay attention Disinfection at home can make appropriate precautions, because dog moss will be contagious, fix it where it is activated, and then remember to clean up and disinfect regularly. Baidu adopts greatly.

  4. There are many reasons for the cause of the dogs, and the skin of the dog itself is relatively fragile and easy to get skin diseases. The recommended treatment method is to take the medicine bath.

  5. Treatment of dog fungal infection:
    shaved the hair of the affected area and clean it with warm water, and then spray it with Ming Ruining; if it absorbs well, it can improve within one or two weeks.
    It strengthening nutrition, the best condition is to feed dogs with nutrition cream, which can quickly and efficiently supplement nutrition.
    The periodical dogs and disinfection environment are paid; other pets are infected with other pets at home, and family members must also prevent prevention; because dogs' ringworm spots can also be contagious.

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