Xining City West District

What are the places where there is a bath in West District of Xining City?
The cheap answer is the additional point in the west area of ​​the city

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  1. In Xining, the high -level bath centers include:
    The holiday dynasties, Roman holidays, tropical rain forests, spring of the northern country, golden brilliant, crowds, etc. Generally, the guests at the centers of the bath center will be cheaper than male guests.

  2. The bathhouse in the water conservancy hall across Xishan No. 1 Lane also brought sauna at 6 yuan, rubbing all 6 yuan, and the rubbing was clean.

  3. There is a Jiawang pet hospital in Chengxi District, Xining City. Of course, you can take a bath for cats and dogs!

    In 22 in Lenghu Road

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