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  1. The Teddy dog ​​has a variety of shapes, winning the favor of many people, giving people a beautiful and smart impression. Therefore, many people choose Teddy dogs as pets. Here are me to compile the content about how to raise Teddy dogs. I hope everyone likes!

    Themid dog breeding method 1. Resident environment: Put the VIPs in the place where air circulation, avoid sun exposure, blow an electric fan or install air -conditioning indoors if necessary.
    2. Life management: Long hair pets can help heat dissipation and add enough water at any time. Less than 12 months of puppy can be cut into PUPPY type. In all competition groups, more than 12 months of VIPs need to be trimmed into European continent or British saddle. In the youth group, female dog group and pet dogs, they can be trimmed into a "sports" type. During the competition, VIPs could not participate in the competition.
    3. Outdoor activities: Avoid pets when you go out at high temperature. If you want to go out, you must bring drinking water and reduce the amount of exercise. If pets have heat stroke symptoms, such as rising temperature, fatigue, asthma, dehydration, etc., you should quickly leave the high -temperature environment, wet the whole body of the pet with cold water, or soak it in cold water to keep the pet's neck above the water surface. Soaking water can also massage the whole body of the pet to help achieve the effect of cooling. The body temperature drops to about 39 degrees to stop. After the pet body temperature is reduced, you must quickly dry the body with a large towel to avoid the body temperature from falling too fast. Do not use a hair dryer to prevent the hot air from rising the body temperature again, or the cold wind causes a cold. After the emergency treatment is completed, the pet was quickly sent to the hospital to continue the observation.
    Is when pets are heavy for heat stroke shock, first wet the whole body with ice water or ice towels. You can also wipe it with alcohol to cool down, or irrigate cold water from the anus into the rectum, and then send it to the doctor as soon as possible. On the way to the medical treatment, pay attention to lowering the pet's head and straightening your neck to keep the respiratory tract open and prevent vomiting.
    The feeding techniques of teddy dogs should be time, fixed -point, and quantitative: see if a dog eats, and know if the owner's feeding method is proper. Especially small dogs raised in the room with people are very important to cultivate their education. Feeding must be performed at a fixed time, and the location should be fixed. The amount of feeding should be fixed to avoid ca n’t be eaten or sufficient, and it is easy to go. You can prepare some clean water every day so that the dog can drink at any time.
    The good food dictatorship of dogs is the basic subject of daily training. It is not difficult to gradually transition from the initial eclipse to the initial eaten to stop and eat slowly, so that it can succeed repeatedly. You can't feed it on the dining table. Even if you see the dog drool around the dining table, you can't grab something and throw it to it. In this case, it is best to say a few words. Even if you want to feed them, you must give it in the place where it usually eats, and you must not feed it directly from the dining table.
    The daily management of teddy dogs
    1. Let the dog stand on the stage, and slowly brush down from the back of the back to the abdomen; Brush the abdomen and the inner and outer side of the forefoot in turn; 3. Sort the head; 4. Finally brush the tail.
    1. Use your right hand to cut with your right hand when shaving, hold the dog's mouth from your left hand; shave from the tip of the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, cheeks, corners, ears, neck, and chin;
    2. Four feet are only repaired to the heel part. Shaver the soles of the feet and the thumb and index finger separate the feet, and be careful to shave the mixed hair in the middle;
    , the hair on the back and the body around the body, Freshly shaved; 4. The "V" shaving is shaved for short hair with "V" to the anal part.
    The cleaning
    This to clean the ears and nails before cleaning, and then use a long cotton ball to block the ears to avoid water.
    1. Squeeze the pet bath solution to dilute it with water;
    . Use the thumb and index finger to squeeze the anal glands to clean the anal glands; 3. Apply the head and whole body with diluted bath liquid, Gently rub your head, abdomen, and limbs gently, do not let the bath fluid flow into the eyes;
    4. After rubbing, use water to clean the whole body and make some hair care for it, and then rinse thoroughly.

    1. Wrap the body with a bath towel, move to the platform to dry the water;
    . The remaining water is dried with a hair dryer. The root of the hair is completely blowing, and the hair is finished with a comb.
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