5 thoughts on “Can I take a pet to get on the car for a taxi taxi?”

  1. Can't.
    "Auto Passenger Transport Rules" stipulates:
    It 39 to ensure the safety and public health of passengers' lives and property, and cannot carry the following items by car:
    1, flammable, explosive, etc. Dangerous goods;
    2, possible damaged, polluted vehicles, and items that hinder other passengers;
    3, animals (except the regulations specified in Article 40 of this rule);
    4. Items;
    5, corpses, corpses;
    6, law -stipulated items stipulated by the law and government.
    It 40 under the conditions of ensuring safety and hygiene, every passenger taking urban and rural buses and ordinary passenger cars may carry a few poultry or small poultry to livestock, but it must be installed in a container. The specific number of accurate band shall be stipulated by the competent transportation authorities of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities.
    Extension information
    "Regulations on the Management Regulations of Road Passenger Transport and Passenger Terminals":
    It 36 passenger shuttle bus shall run in accordance with the permitted route, class, and site operations Passengers on the station must not change the driving route without justified reasons.
    The consent of the license agency, the shuttle bus operated by the online passenger class can adopt flexible ways such as regional operations, circular operations, and setting up temporary departure points.
    The rural passenger transport line referred to in this regulation refers to the passenger line of at least one end in the county or between the county.
    39 The passenger operators shall not force passengers to ride, and they shall not give passengers to others to transport or dump their passengers. They must not extort passengers. They must not replace passenger vehicles without authorization.
    It 43 passenger operators shall provide passengers with a good ride environment to ensure that the vehicle equipment and facilities shall be fully effective, keep the vehicle clean and hygienic, and take necessary measures to prevent the passenger's personal body from infringing during transportation. Illegal act of property security.
    Is when the security violations of the passenger's personal and property safety occur during transportation, the passenger operator shall report to the public security organs in a timely manner and cooperate with the public security organs in a timely manner to terminate public security violations in a timely manner.
    The passenger operators shall not engage in unhealthy activities such as playing obscene videos on passenger vehicles.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Auto Passenger Transportation Rules

  2. Generally, you can bring pets, or you carry a pet box yourself, but the bus must not work.
    1, although it can be brought, it is recommended that you try not to bring it. Because the space of the car is small, and the breathability is not good. Some pets, hair, bacteria, etc. are easier to stay in the car. And it is prone to germs.
    2. Under normal circumstances, according to regulations, our pets cannot take public transportation, but now it seems that it is possible to take a taxi, because after all, it is privately joined, and there is no explicit text in the current regulations. It is stipulated that pets cannot get on taxis, and they are more secure with pets to accommodate pets to avoid people afraid of pets, or some people are allergic to animals.
    3. If you must carry, remember to optimistic about your pets and take care of it to prevent it from walking everywhere, which will not affect other guests.

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