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  1. Black -foot cats are known as the most fatal cat in the world.
    The Jiojio is black
    It on the vast land in Africa, it is covered with low desert shrubs, which provides an excellent cover for the smallest cat family in Africa. The average weight of black -footed cats is only 1.6 kilograms. Compared with the orange cat that weighs ten pounds, it can only be said that there is no harm if there is no comparison ~
    The cats as the smallest cat on African grasslands, their heads, their heads Compared with the body, it looks bigger and cute. And the black -footed cat is a very shy animal. The old girl's heart is almost germinated
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    Not a cat!
    This is an adult cat! Not a little milk cat!
    is such a cute animal, but has unusual combat effectiveness.
    The black -footed cat is an independent nightling animal. In order to hunt, you can walk 32 kilometers per night to find food. This is the longest record of small cats.
    Q version of the cheetah
    With super night vision ability and keen auditive function, any mobile object is a potential foraging goal. As big as jumping antelope, hare, small as small as spiders, crickets, all in their recipes, but their favorite is the Salt. One night, they need to eat one -fifth of their own weight.
    super fierce!
    The predation success rate of black -footed cats is 60 %. Among the entire cat family, it is the most deadly hunter! Faced with the four times larger than them, they still did not fear, and suddenly jumped up, biting the lane tube of the lamb until the vein was penetrated by their sharp teeth.
    In Botswana, Africa, local residents even believed that black -footed cats could knock down an adult giraffe.

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