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  1. When choosing cat food for cats, the thick protein is in the range of 36%to 48%, which is more appropriate and belongs to high protein level.
    Cats are carnivorous animals. If the content of crude protein in cat food is too low, it cannot meet the cat's nutritional needs.
    In general, when cats are selected for cats, the crude protein is in the range of 36%to 48%, which is more appropriate and belongs to high protein levels. In addition, animal protein is easier to absorb and better digestion than plant protein.
    This crude fat in cat food can promote the absorption of cat fat -soluble vitamin ADE, which can play a beautiful hair and enhance appetite.
    In general, when choosing cat food, the thick fat content is 13%to 18%. Too high cats eat fatty liver, pancreatitis, soft stool, obese problems.
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  2. Many pet owners will entangle the choice of cat food, which is actually the best for cats. Many domestic cat food is now very cost -effective and nutritional, which is very suitable for cats. Let ’s share some points that you need to pay attention to for cat food for cats.
    1. Failure to meet the certification standard
    Plords when buying cat food, the cat food of regular manufacturers should be mainly. If you choose the imported cat food, you must also marked with AAFCO. Cats are more assured of eating, and the ratio of nutritional value it contains is relatively balanced. In addition, it is optimistic about the shelf life.
    2. Looking at the ingredients and ingredients
    Is when choosing cat food, it depends on the top five of the ingredient table, and it must contain meat, because cats are meat animals. The more meat, the better, and the best It is animal protein in the meat. The nutritional composition table focuses on protein. Cat food protein shall not be less than 26%. For example, Jiaqu cat food is more suitable for cats.
    3. Observe the appearance and smell
    The granules with cat food with more meat content will be deeper. The content of low -grade cat food and grain content will be high, and the color will not be so darker. The smell of good cat food is generally pure meat, and the taste will not be too strong. If the smell is very smelly, it may be a cheap seductive agent, which is not recommended to feed.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! The kitten has a dedicated kitten food, you can choose according to your needsnGuardian's long meatnQuestion thatnI ask the dosenThe amount of different cat foods is generally differentnThere are explanations abovenThe ingredients of cat food are different and the nutritional value is different. These will cause different dosage.nIf the kittens, this is not enough to support itnAsk a novice cat, buy bulk cat food in the pet shop, there is no component and nutritional description, and did not tell us the amountnI don’t know when to support it, I feel a little bit less, how to identify it?nAnswer, talk about kitten foodnIf it is not said, it should be an average adult cat food. You can give 2 to two to watch and eat, you can’t eat it, you can playnQuestion, thank younMore 11nBleak

  4. The kitten you just bought, you should ask what it has milk powder, and you should not use cat food, because it is still a kitten, feeds it twice a day, and feeds in the morning and evening. Take a bath twice on the week. When bathing it, you should pay attention to the temperature of the water and the changes in the weather. After the washing, you can use a hair dryer to dry it. During the growth process, two periods of time, first of all, very fast growth periods, followed by sexual maturity. During these two periods, there are appropriate nutrition to make the kitten grow into a healthy and strong cat.
    The rapid growth period: February to June age

    . After weaning, the kittens enter the rapid growth period, and the rapid growth period continues when the kitten cat reaches June. During this time, the kitten needs high -quality foods with high nutrition and high protein and calories at the same time, and supply various nutrients and energy required for rapid growth. Judging from the energy required by the unit's weight, the energy required for the kittens during the rapid growth period is twice the cats; Full amount of food. Therefore, after weaning, the kittens at the age of June must eat at least three meals a day. Because kittens need a large amount of nutrition and thermal energy, kittens must eat high -quality kitten cats with special formulas. This type of high -quality kitten food is characterized by meat as the main raw material, and it is very easy to digest. It contains a large amount of nutrients and can meet the special nutritional needs of the kitten.

    The rapid maturity period: June to December

    When the kitcats reach the body shape similar to cats through the rapid growth period, there are different needs for nutritional needs. Essence After June, cats grow slowly and the amount of activity will be slightly reduced. At this time, the amount of food for each meal is large, so they can reduce the number of daily meals. Although the cat's body is like a cat at this time, it will still grow up. Many cat owners eat different foods for cats when cats reach their sexual maturity; in fact, cats like to eat high -quality dried cat food; at this time, they can add a little nutritious cat canned food to dry cat food to meet them in line with them Different nutritional needs are caused due to slow growth.

    It kitten food to a cat food

    When the cat reaches one year old, you need to change the cat food specially prepared by the cat; A large amount of thermal energy and a large amount of nutrients provided by kitten food. Remember to follow the same rule when replacing pet food: gradually mixing within 5-7 days. During this period of replacement of food, special attention should be paid to monitoring the cat's weight, and the feeding amount is adjusted at any time according to the weight of the cat. Most cats eat fixed foods according to the thermal energy required by themselves, so they can be fed by any food. However, if the cats who only move indoors, because of the small amount of activity, the eclipse method may cause excessive problems; therefore, the daily quantitative feeding method can be used to prevent the cat from being fat.

    In avoid feeding people's food

    The food for kittens to eat foods will cause unnecessary troubles, such as the bad habits that cause them to beg for food or steal food. Feeding the food cooked by the family, or to feed the kitten to feed the kittens, or add nutrients such as vitamins in a completely balanced cat food, which may cause nutritional disorders.

    The nutrition required for kittens

    Cats are absolutely carnivores, and they must obtain nutrients that only meat contains meat. For example, if a cat's food lacks sufficient taurine (the essential amino acid of a cat, only animal meat is contained), it will cause cats to grow slow, blindness, heart disease, and reproduction disorders. The kitten and adult cats must have a large amount of fresh and clean drinks at any time, and they must be brought to the veterinary hospital regularly for regular examinations to maintain their physical and mental health and maintain the best condition.

    This cats need warm and comfortable nests

    The kitten cat's ability to resist cold is very poor and easy to cool. , Warm and hidden places.

    This cats cannot take a bath casually

    do not take a bath before the kitten is not injected, which will cause a variety of diseases. Cats have a bath for the cat half a month after the vaccine is injected.

    vaccine and deworming

    The common vaccines for cats are relatively small than dogs. At present, common vaccines for vaccination for cats in domestic pet hospitals include: imported cat triple vaccines , Imported rabies vaccine, domestic rabies vaccine and domestic cat plague vaccine.

    Cat triple vaccine

    Cat triple vaccine is an imported cat vaccine. It is an international product to prevent cat plague, cat cup virus infection and infectious nasal gas pipes. inflammation. Immune vaccination method: Cats with more than 2 months need to be immune (muscle injection) twice, with a interval of 2-3 weeks; later, immune injections once a year. This vaccine is currently more effective in clinical reflection.

    Rabies vaccine

    has two domestic and imported products to prevent the occurrence of rabies. Cats of more than 3 months can be immuniced. The protection period is 1 year and should be vaccinated once a year. From a clinical point of view, imports and domestic rabies vaccine are better.

    Cat plague vaccine

    The domestic cat plague vaccine is a scientific research product, which has a certain protection rate for cat plague. It is an extent cell vaccine. Kitten can be vaccinated at the age of 3 to April. The first vaccination should be injected twice in muscle injection, each time interval for 4 weeks; It is one year; it will be injected once a year in the future.

    The injection method of cat vaccine is subcutaneous injection. Pay attention when the cat is injected with vaccines. Be sure to do a physical examination first. Only healthy cats can vaccinate the vaccine.

    It kitten cats will be infected with breast milk in one week after birth, so you must remove the cat in time.

    The phenolzole and levodazole are commonly used. Take orally, eat 1 tablet every 5 pounds, once a day for 3 days, which is effective for tapeworms, tapeworms and hookworms. Pitteriopyzole is effective for tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whip worms and nematodes. Compound toluene gemazole (quick -acting bowel) is made of methalopyliopyliol and levicidoli hydrochloride. Two tablets are taken, but some dogs have blood in the stool for unclear reasons. Pepyone can treat tapeworm infection, and take 10 to 20 mg per kilogram of body weight. Anti -tricles can choose to destroy the drops. Sulfa drugs can only prevent pomoscopy infection. Treatment of amino hydrochloride in the treatment of cursers.

  5. Cats are better to eat natural food. The reasons are as follows:
    1. Natural grain advocates the natural ingredients of the product. It contains more trace elements and vitamins. Cats long -term consumption of natural grains can improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, and improve life.
    2. Natural grain is processed by fresh ingredients in scientific methods. It retains various nutrients and trace elements in the ingredients to the greatest extent. Love cats are easier to absorb.
    3, preservatives and edible flavors are not added during the production of natural grain to ensure that cats are safer to eat.

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