A breeding farm in Henan is suspected to be nearly a hundred leopard cats. Where did these leopard cats come from?

4 thoughts on “A breeding farm in Henan is suspected to be nearly a hundred leopard cats. Where did these leopard cats come from?”

  1. In Luoyang City, Henan Province, Yingwu Special Aquarium is an illegal farm that raised 106 leopard cats with secondary national secondary protection. The farm has been banned and the owner Dong has been controlled by the police. Volunteer supervisors of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau discovered a group of leopard cats in the Yingwu Special Breeding Cooperative in Luoyang. Mr. Dong, the boss of the farm, said that the leopard cats were wild and he was willing to sell it.
    It in the steel workshop in the farm, there are many cages with many cats. When they saw someone coming, some were crying, and some roared. The state announced the newly adjusted national key protection of wildlife, with 517 new animals, and 474 types, including leopard cats, were included in the national secondary protection animal. Wild leopard cats frequently appear in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, and hid in Huaguo Mountain. These leopard cats appeared again in front of us, indicating that they have not completely disappeared into our field of vision. The reason why they have not been discovered in the past may be that they have migrated to some remote areas, or due to the improvement of the environment, the number of these leopard cats has begun to increase.
    Cose the effective monitoring point for infrared camera cloth, and conduct long -term dynamic monitoring of large and medium -sized mammals and birds on the ground. The establishment of a wildlife infrared camera network monitoring system has been established, and the coverage of the normal monitoring of wild animals in the entire protected area has laid an important foundation for the comprehensive construction of the digital monitoring information platform of the protected biological resource. Part of the genealogy of Bangladesh Leopard comes from Asian Leopard. With the efforts of high -quality breeders, leopard prints are the same as the Asian Leopard. But after generations of hybrid breeding, screening, and stable genetic processes, it is no longer wild and has become a new type of pet cats suitable for family breeding.
    In cats living in my country, in addition to the large number of cats, other cats or national first or second -level key protection animals. The less the number of cats, the higher the protection level. The protection level is not fixed. When the number of cats changes, the protection level is also adjusted. Leopard cat is a rare wildlife, which belongs to the family. The fur of the leopard cat is very beautiful, the hair is shiny, and the fur has the same patterns as the leopard, which looks like a miniature leopard.

  2. These leopard cats should be reproduced from the first generation. The generation should only be raised, but they have reproduced so much, and now anyone who has a leopard cat should be handed in it to adopt it.

  3. These leopard cats are hunting in the farm, and these leopard cats think there are many creatures in the farm, so they will eat in groups to eat.

  4. These leopard cats come from forests. They may be hunters and have been cultivated here. Many relevant personnel have now begun to investigate.

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