1 thought on “Cats can not raise any flowers, cats, can not raise any plants”

  1. Cats cannot raise lilies, cats can eat renal failure by mistake; cats must not raise tulips, tulips contain toxic alkali cats to be easily poisoned; raising cats can not raise all young, and thousands of young juice contains toxins; It will cause direct death; raising cats cannot support Mantra. Mandala has anesthesia. Mistakes can cause cats to cause the body function to cause the body function to cause cats to die. Cats cannot raise lily flowers. Most people like to insert lily flowers at home. Experts point out that a small amount of stimulants in lily flowers. If it sniffs for a long time, it will make people excessively exciting and even difficult to fall asleep at night. If a cat is eaten by mistake, it will seriously cause cat renal failure or even a few hours later, so you must not raise a lily flower if you raise cats.
    This cats cannot raise tulips and tulips elegant and rich in color, but its flowers contain a poison-alkali. People and animals and tulips have long contact for 2-3 hours, and they will dizziness and poisoning. Severely cause hair to fall off.

    This cats cannot raise all the young people. Many people raise it to go to formaldehyde. However, the leaves of the young leaves and the juice of the stems contain toxins. The ingredients in the toxin are oxalic acid and Tianmen winter acid. After the accidental food, the mouth, throat, and esophagus will cause inflammation. In severe cases, the vocal cords will be damaged and cause temporary "dumb", and the gastrointestinal will also be affected. People will have so many situations, let alone cats, so everyone must pay attention!
    The cats must not be able to raise oleposochroma, which are poisonous, containing a variety of strong heartyls, which are highly toxic substances and cause damage to people's breathing and digestive systems. If the lotion of the oleanda is eaten by mistake, it will cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after poisoning. If the cat's accidental food will cause direct death, the shoveling officers must not have peels at home, it is not good for themselves and cats.

    The cats cannot support Mantra Mandala like an invisible killer. It is full of toxic, the seeds are the most toxic, and the tender leaves are second. The flowers are anesthetic. Its juice has the effect of stimulating the nerve center, swallowing excitement, and may have hallucinations. If you eat mandala flowers by mistake, excessive amount can cause excessive excitement of the nerve center to cause excessive excitement and inhibitory effects, cause the body's function to plummet, and severely cause death.
    This is very sensitive to this flower, and accidental eating may cause cat poisoning or even death.

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