How do you pay attention to the plain giant lizard ??

I am a novice, I just bought one. But it is just not eating `` `` ”ea
, please give me guidance!

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  1. Introduction>
    is the most popular lizard pet in the world. The personality is tame, and the body will not be too big; there are few problems in eating.
    u003Cwild habitat>
    ground habituality; grassland, plain.
    u003Cbreeding box>
    The breeding box is best simple and easy to clean, especially for feeding and raising. : Custom wood cabinet, glass breeding box). Fundamental wood chips, bark (such as: bark, broken coconut shells), gravel, sand (eg: reptile sand, calcium sand), artificial paper dandruff (eg, compressed paper granules).
    u003Cactivity time>
    days; 12-14 hours of direct sunlight, or ultraviolet light lighting equipment (eg, ultraviolet light pipe 5.0, powerful ultraviolet light).
    u003Ctemperature and humidity>
    temperature: 32 -35 ° C -illumination point (for example: solar lamp) 25 -30 ° C - During the day (for example: daily blue light) 22-26 ° C -Night (for example: red lights, infrared heat lights, ceramic heat device).
    humidity: medium to low.
    If feeding>
    food and meat; you should feed insects at a young age. Adults can feed rodents and low -fat meat, cooked eggs and high -quality cans. Feed every day at an early age; teenagers 3-5 times a week; 1-2 times per week
    Me pay attention to getting close to it when eating. In addition, the size of the food should not exceed one of the three parts of the head! Intersection

    The plain giant lizard comes from the African prairie. Compared with other giant lizards, they prefer to climb and swim less. But
    . They still need a large "swimming pool". These giant lizards liked to climb stones when they were young, and wandered in the sun
    or wandering in a water plate. For a two -three -foot plain giant lizard is a more practical water tray for cats.
    The temperature
    The days during the day they need Hua's 85 degrees. If it is too cool, it is easy to make them sick. High temperature can promote their new
    , which helps them digest food and resist diseases. The diseased giant lizard usually reacts at about 100 degrees of Hua's. Hurry up and take your sick giant lizard to see a good veterinarian. Because most of them are wild,
    It you may need to invite a veterinarian to repel inworms for them.
    The food
    The first feed, and then try to feed them goldfish. The low price makes goldfish a very economical grain
    . When they are close to one foot long, add mice and canned lizards to their menus. A small flat
    has not eaten a whole can of the giant lizard at a time, cut the giant lizard into several pieces, and put the excess in the refrigerator
    . When they grow up, they can feed the little mice (of course, to kill them ancestors), and I recommend that you use frozen
    for the little mice (of course, thaw first when feeding). They like to eat cooked eggs and chase rolled eggs on the ground
    . You can also feed them with your hands ... but remember to count your hands at
    . Unexpected eggs can add a lot of calcium to them. They also eat raw eggs, but they can make
    very dirty. If you are interested in engaging in a "egg football game", you will know that the dried egg slurry will stick to
    how long it is in the environment ... In addition, the birth egg is not conducive to the absorption of vitamin H.
    The sense of security
    The plain giant lizards, especially the giant lizard of the plain plain, need a cave or a piece of wood to hide (inside, back
    , or below). They will squeeze into any gap. Softwood Tree Cave is very suitable as their hiding holes
    The light
    The plain giant lizard needs a full spectrum fluorescent lamp or take the sun every day. The more you can climb your light bulb, the more effective the bulbs your
    The nutritional supplement
    Because the bones of the small plain grow fast, you need to sprinkle calcium powder on the feeding them. If you take
    The milk and goldfish to feed them, you can meet many of their needs for minerals and vitamins. If you
    Fed them canned lizards, you don't need to give them other nutritional supplements.
    The heating
    The bottom heater with a heating light (should refer to the UVA light bulb) is a good combination. Okay
    is best to provide gradient temperature for your plains. Heating stone is also a good source of heating for the young plain giant lizard. Frequent cleaning can prevent bacteria from breeding.
    The plain giant lizards like to wander in the water. Compared with other boulders, they less try to overturn their water plates, but you still need to use a heavy sink or bowl. And because they use their sink as the dressed land
    , you need to change the water frequently.
    In contact
    The Nile giant lizard is more difficult to tame, while plain giant lizards are easy, especially those smallest are the easiest to close with you
    . If you contact them every day, they can quickly learn to adapt (or to endure) you.
    The plain giant lizards like to study the environment around them. Give some branches and stones to climb, or give some caves
    to explore them. If you give them a box of sand or soil, they are likely to run in and play. They like
    .'s variable environments.
    The tail sound
    The healthy plain giant lizard is as greedy like a hungry pig. Whenever they pass the extra food, they will also wolf
    , they swallow, just like when we are eating buffets. Too much food and lack of exercise will make them
    obesity. You can easily control the amount of darr lizard in your plain. Can you control your own food?
    In conclusion
    The plain giant lizards walk around their distortion, which means that they are likely to have Salmonella. Every time the reporter came into contact with crawlers, he washed his hands.
    This lizard is loved by the majority of reptile enthusiasts due to the closest dinosaurs in the appearance. At present, the giant lizards in China are mainly Bangladesh, Plains, Thai -Gal, Water Giant, Nile and Tree Giant. Some of them are giant, such as Bangladesh, some of them are gorgeous, like trees, and some are docile.
    The relatively docile type of breeding people is introduced here, plain lizards from African grasslands.
    The breeding environment: spacious and bright, there are places to avoid. Unlike tree habitat lizard, the giant lizard can be raised by the giant lizard can be used horizontally. The temperature of the entire breeding environment should be above 26, among which the cold zone is scored, and the temperature of the hot area is 32 ~ 33. In addition to the bulb lamp tube for heating, it must also be equipped with UVB ultraviolet lights in the hot area. Put a avoided place and basin in the cold area. (The water basin should be large enough to make it a bathtub).
    The food meat is the main, but be careful not to be too single. The best food is the mouse, which is the newborn mouse. Second, you can also use meat and fish.
    The plains can mature in two or three years, and it can be about one meter a year. It is more than one meter artificially one meter. Therefore, consider whether there are enough places and heating equipment before breeding.

  2. Pay attention to the temperature, it is best to let it play in a wide area. If you do n’t eat, it is that the feeding method is not right or the plain giant lizard does not need to eat insects and other foods.

  3. 化 Do not feed poorly digestion. Feed a little bit of milk. Maybe the temperature and humidity may not be enough. The plain is not very good to raise ... It should be said that the plain is not very good ... ./view/400796

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