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    The hot sun, how to make cats happy to spend summer? Skin disease is a high incidence in summer. In vitro parasites, fungi, and bacteria are the main causes of three major skin diseases. What is the cause of skin diseases caused by the reason? The following editors will introduce you one by one.
    Enemy 1: outer parasitic
    Sippamed insects are one of the main enemies of summer skin, including: flea, sagnar, lice, ear mites, chiggle mites, church mites, fly maggots, etc. Flea,, and lice are all in vitro parasites. Due to their blood -sucking life, various diseases may also be spread, causing cats to be seriously discomfort and skin infection. At the same time Cross -infection; ear mites, chigger mites, church mites, and fly maggots are parasitic on the skin or in the skin to stimulate or cause inflammation to the skin;
    It is relatively easy to prevent and treat the killing and treatment. General pet hospitals are sold; ear mites, chiggainal mites, and church mites are more troublesome to treat, because their parasitic cycles are longer, and the treatment is longer. Time, the owner needs better care and patience. Treatment must consult a professional pet doctor and go to a professional hospital for treatment. Aiming at flies and maggots, mainly to prevent treatment, keep the cat's living environment clean, fly out, and choose the method of flying out of the fly without harm to pets (such as physical fly extinguishing method). Worm body, it is recommended to go to a regular animal hospital for surgery.
    Enemy 2: fungi
    Surbing infection when fungal enters the skin and reproduces the surface of the hair dryer. The most infected fungi infected by cats is: small spores. Causes the nodules and ulcers of the skin.
    For mulba, antifungal drugs are needed, and antibiotics are used to control secondary infections. A fungal disease is relatively difficult to cure, and the general treatment cycle is more than one month.
    Enemy 3: Bacteria
    Bacteria infected with the skin, which can cause purulent disease. Excessive licking skin, exogenous parasites, fungal, and skin damage are all causes of bacterial pyotic disease.
    Herbal disease caused by bacteria can be divided into primary infections caused by bacteria and secondary bacterial three infections with other causes. At the same time as the symptomatic treatment (such as itching, analgesic, swelling, cooling, etc.), it is necessary to treat the treatment, that is, antibacterial therapy for pathogenic bacteria. It is necessary to eliminate the cause of the primary.
    The above three types are the main enemies of pet cat skin in summer. Keeping the environment clean and hygienic, regularly disinfection of the environment, and regularly cleaning and deworming for cats can better ensure the health of cats. Whenever it is to prevent the cat is the most effective means to keep the cat away from damage. Of course, if unfortunately our cats have a skin problem, the most important thing for the owners is not to panic and fear, let alone deal with it by themselves, so as not to deal with the cat more damage. If necessary, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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