5 thoughts on “How to keep the cat fattened”

  1. It is nothing more than eating some delicious hungry for cats. See what he likes, and eat more what he eats, so that you can naturally keep the hair fat, but it is recommended that you don’t raise the cat too fat. This is not good for cats.

  2. How to keep the cat fat? Give him more cat food every day. Cat food is very nutritious. Give him a little more and give her more water, so that he will always be fat.

  3. I feel that you can give him a little more cat food, and then give him more ham sausages, or milk, etc., and you can make up for your body. Then you can grow to fat.

  4. If you want to keep the cat fat, you must give them more nutritious foods, chicken breasts, beef, and nutritious cat food.

  5. If you want to raise it more fat, you can give him some high -protein things, and then you can give him less play and let him stay in one place.

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