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  1. The reason for the cat vomiting is the following three points:
    1. The cat vomit has a ball -like ball, indicating that the cat has accumulated too much hair in the stomach to vomit the hair. Cats have the habit of licking hair, so the hair in the stomach needs to be cleaned in time, and some hairy products can be used for cats, so that cats will not often spit hair balls.
    2. Pathological reasons, such as cat plague, cat coronary virus, gastroenteritis and other pathological symptoms such as diarrhea, mental deficiency, loss of appetite, or abolition of appetite. Internal medicine, such as pancreatitis, liver and kidney problems, can cause cat gastrointestinal reactions and vomiting abdominal pain.
    3. Cats eat intestinal obstruction caused by foreign bodies by mistake. This vomiting frequency is high, with appetite but vomiting as soon as they eat. At the same time, abdominal pain and poor spirit.
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  2. There are hair balls, digestive disorders, esophageal obstruction, physical diseases.
    When a cat cleans his hair with his tongue, he will bring the hair into the stomach and form a wool group over time. When a cat has a hair ball, it will vomit the vomiting, and sometimes the hair will be discharged with its excrement. In this regard, the owner can feed cats to eat spit cream or cat -specific cat grass to help them excrete their hair out of the body. Cats are always vomiting and may also be improper diet, causing digestive disorders. In this case, the owner can feed it to eat probiotics to raise the stomach, pay attention to the daily diet of the cat, feed it to eat cat food with good taste, and regularly feed some vegetables and fruits and vitamins to supplement nutrition. Cats are always chewing slowly, but if the cat suddenly eats or eats too much, it is easy to cause food that is not chewing in the esophagus, causing esophageal obstruction. In this case, cats will vomit. In this regard, the owner can feed the cat to drink plenty of water, and take some digestive medicine to help cat digestion. If the cat has the phenomenon of vomiting, fever, mental deficiency, decreased appetite, and nasal eye feces, it may be sick.
    M common diseases of cats include colds, cat plague, cats, and cats, coronal virus infections, and parasitic infections. Therefore, when cats have these symptoms, the owner should take it as soon as possible treat.

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