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  1. Goldfish Ji on the cliff

    ◎ The goldfish Ji on the cliff (Princess Goldfish on the cliff)
    ◎ ◎ film name GakenouenoPonyo
    ◎ Times 2008
    ◎ National Japan
    ◎ Category Animation/Adventure/Family
    ◎ Language Japanese
    Monthly, round, hung in the air like a silver disk. Under the moonlight, people who have been busy have entered the dreamland for a day. The depths of the sea away from the land, but there is another scene: the creatures in the ocean are galloping and fighting for gorgeousness in their own world. A red -haired man stood on a flying fish submarine with huge color bubbles feeding jellyfish and other fish around him, and directed the creatures in the water with light. The porthole of the submarine opened, quietly, a red head, a round face, a pair of big eyes inquired with a round face, and suddenly, jumped out of the portholes. Oh, it is a cute human face fish. The human face swaying her red skirt, avoiding her father Fujimoto-the sight of the red-haired man, quickly left the submarine, drilled under a jellyfish, and the jellyfish took her to the back of a giant jellyfish. …
    During the sunrise, the jellyfish carried the human noodle fish to the water. As soon as the wake -up human face opened his eyes, he saw a house built on the seaside cliff: the red roof was even more conspicuous in the surrounding of green plants. Suddenly, the eyes of human face were even greater: she saw a little boy walking out of the house. "Zong Jie, I'm about to come back soon." A young woman appeared in the window. "Probably his mother was instructed him?" "That little boy is Zongjie? What is he going to do?" He was pondering, and a boat came over. In order to escape, human face fish and jellyfish were disappeared. The human facial fish did not escape much, so they were pulled in with the dragging nets of the ship with various garbage on the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, he was covered by a glass bottle. Due to how she struggled, she was futile. Human face fish can only escape from the fishing net with a glass bottle.
    The people's noodle fish swimmed to the shore with all my best. After a while, she was exhausted. Fortunately, she met Zongjie, and he came here to play his model boat. Seeing the strange glass bottle on the beach, Zong Jie picked it up. Suddenly, he stared at his eyes in surprise: "It's goldfish!" The fish must be uncomfortable in the bottle, right? How to save her? Zong Jie could only smash the bottle with a stone, and then carefully held the fish, "Are you dead?" He said to himself. Unexpectedly, the motionless goldfish suddenly stretched out his tongue and licked it on Zong Jie's hand. "Still alive!" Zong Jie was very happy. He ran home with the fish and boat, and put the fish in the bucket. Inadvertently, Zong Jie found that the fish still had a magical magic: the wound she had licked by her hand healed! He soon fell in love with the naughty and cute human face, and gave her a nice name -Pony.
    Ph Niu's wish
    Zong Jie brought Ponyo to the old home of Mom ’s Lisha -Sunflower House. Seeing that Zongjie brought a new friend, the old people smiled happily. However, Grandma thinks that Ponyo is an ominous thing: "Once the human face fish go ashore, there will be a tsunami, and there will be such a long time ago." Grandma was spit at the time, scaring the grandmother with a creampie. It's a disaster again! Zong Jie raised the bucket and ran, and ran to the reef of the sea. He bowed his head and vowed to Po Niu: Don't worry, I protect you. "Zong Jie." Suddenly, Ponyo spoke. Zong Jie opened his eyes in surprise. "Ponyo, Zong Jie, like it." Ponyo finished speaking, turning his head in the bucket. "I like you too." Zong Jie smiled happily, not far away, a red head was staring at them. It turned out to be Ponyo's father, Fujimoto.
    has been anxious since the daughter's disappearance, and Fujimoto has been proven to be on the shore after several times. In order to save her daughter, Fujimoto looked for opportunities from time to time, and now the opportunity is finally coming. Fujimoto turned out of the waves with magic and rolled away ashore.
    Ph Niu gone, Zong Jie was unhappy all day. Ponyo returning to the sea is also unhappy. She missed the time with Zongjie, rejected her father's food, and shouted to her father to eat ham to become humans. Fujimoto was shocked when he heard that human beings were originally determined to prevent the original prejudice of his original prejudice. Because Ponyo has licking the blood on the hands of Zongsuke's hand, her body has begun to change. When Ponyo cheered: "Hands come out, his feet come out too!" Fujimoto panicked, he pressed holding the bubbles covering Ponyo, and couldn't read the spell in his mouth. Essence However, Fujimoto knew that he could only temporarily control the situation, and he had to return to the mother of Ponyo, the mother of the ocean to maintain the calmness of the past.
    The Ponyo who was imprisoned in the bubble was sleeping under the action of spells. Her younger brother and sister came to Po Niu while the father left, and wake up Beruni with a collective power. Waking up, Ponyo grew up quickly, and repeated her hands and feet. "I'm going to Zongjie." She told her siblings. But the way out was blocked by the waves. In the waves of the waves, the road to escape from the waves became a road of disaster.
    The wind wrapped in heavy rain and rushed towards the ground, the huge waves slammed the embankment fiercely, and continued to push on the land. In the wind and rain, Ri Sa took Zongjie to drive on the road home. Suddenly, Zongjie found that a little red dot was chasing them on the cusp. When Lisha drove the car in front of her house, Zong Jie discovered that the little red dot was originally a Pony. "Po Niu became a little girl back!" The two little hugged excitedly.
    On dreams
    human life is fresh for Ponyo. She instantly fell in love with this home. After dinner, Ponyo fell asleep, and the sea surface gradually calmed down. The old people in the old people's home decided to drive back to the sunflower home alone. Watching her mother driving away, Zong Jie returned to Ponyo. The two children fell asleep on the sofa. The pursuit of Fujimoto saw that Ponyo had become humans through the window, and could not help but be shocked. At this time, a colorful light passed from the sea, and the mother of the ocean came back! Fujimoto was busy returning to the flying fish submarine, and asked her mother to worry about the mother of the ocean: "Ponyli randomly used magic and opened a large hole in the world. She did not know what she was doing, and she became humans. The world will be destroyed! "" Just turn the Ponyo as an adult. As long as the boy does not change his heart, Papuiu can lose magic to become adults. " If it fails, Ponyo will become a bubble. "" We originally came from the bubble. "The mother of the ocean was frank and open.
    Ph Niu and Zong Jie woke up. Outside the house, the blue sky and white clouds were extremely calm. However, on the calm sea surface, only Zong Jie's home was lonely standing on the sea. Everything around him was flooded, and Li Sa didn't know what was it? Zong Jie was worried about his mother's safety: "Just have a boat." He said to himself. "There is a boat!" Ponyo pointed at the small model boat of Zong Jie. She used magic to make the model boat larger, and then put the ship in the water with Zongjie. With food and water, the two set off.
    Along the way, Ponyo and Zongjie saw people who were moving towards the hotel on the mountain. On everyone's face, there is no frustration after the disaster, and some just understand and help each other.
    Tong Jie saw Lisha's car, but she did not see her. Zong Jie cried anxiously.
    In on the road overwhelmed by the sea, there is a huge bubble that is wrapped in the sunflower house. The old people who were sitting on the wheelchair were almost cheering in the bubbles, watching the marine animals outside the bubble, and happy like children.
    Tsongjie and Ponyo came along the way. When crossing a cave, the accident happened, and Ponyo changed the fish again, and it was fainted. Zong Jie hurried out of the cave and reinstalled Ponyo back to the bucket. Sadly calling Ponyo, Fujimoto appeared. He asked Zongjie and Ponyo to go to the bubbles with himself. Grandma when he was standing in the pavilion, Grandma was busy telling Tzujie that Fujimoto was 骗 他 他 他. In order to save Zongjie, Grandma, Zong Jie, and Ponyo fell into the sea.
    The group of red fish swarmed, and they sent Grandma and Zongjie into the bubbles. After understanding Zong Jie's heart, the mother of the ocean took back the magic of Ponyo, and handed her in the bubbles in the palm to Zong Jie: "After you return to the land, just kiss her, she can kiss her. She It will become a 5 -year -old girl like you. "After saying goodbye to everyone, the mother of the ocean took her children away.
    The seawater has receded, everything is restored. The old people returned to the land, and Fujimoto personally handed over the model of Zongjie to his hand, and the two shook hands. After Kbo's bubbles kissed with Zong Jie, she finally became a little girl.

  2. Korean "Beautiful Secrets"
    Chinese name: Beautiful Secret
    English Name: My Beautiful Girl, Mari
    Release time: January 11, 2002
    Movie director: Li Chengjiang sung- Gang lee
    region: Korea
    language: Korean language
    Type: animation
    long: 80 minutes
    R n production: SIZ
    issuance: Cinema Service Co, LTD
    The official website:
    [Story Outline]
    always once in life, love will become a fairy tale ...
    This, Luo Wu, who lives with his mother and grandmother, lives in the fishing village by the sea. Luo Wu's only friend is Jun Hao and pet cats of the same age. One day, when he passed the stationery store in front of the school, he found a shiny mysterious waves. He turned around for this, and when he was determined to buy it the next day, Bozi disappeared, which disappointed Luo Wu.
    Po Wu and Junhao to run into the old lighthouse alone to follow the cat and cat, and saw the mysterious waves on the frame. When a dazzling light shines through the waves, the lighthouse's internal fiction becomes an incredible beautiful world. As Luo Wu was about to fall into the bottomless deep pool, a girl wearing a white robe suddenly appeared and reached out to save him. The two met in the fantasy country composed of Guangying for the first time.
    The next day, Luo Wu quickly told Junhao about the adventure, but the other party thought it was a night. In order to prove that there was something, Luo Wu took him to break the lighthouse together, and finally found the beautiful white girl. Since then, the two boys have kept this interesting secret together, and the beauty and Bozi world have been their treasure. Unfortunately, the good times are not very good. Luo Wu's grandmother is seriously ill. His life is dying, Jun Hao's father is also in danger. At the same time, the fishing village is hit by a storm. How should Luo Wu cope with?

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