Where can I sell cat sand? what price?

Where can I sell cat sand? What price, my pet market is very expensive. I want to buy online, how much is it sold? Is there a cheaper?
It looks like I heard 0.6 yuan a pound? real or fake?

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  1. The supermarkets with a larger amount are sold like Carrefour, Madron, and many brands can choose to choose a cat litter based on my own cats and netizens recommended Jie Shan. There is a white cat and LLSPK word on a black belt. It is said that the dehumidifying of Jie Shan I used now is good. It’s my recent price that I bought in the supermarket. As for the online sales of many cheap cat litter, I don’t know how to help you.

  2. Cat sand -like pet shops are sold. If you do n’t have a pet shop, go to buy it online, it is also a good choice. Okay, the above is a suggestion for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

  3. Godci pet shop clothes pet supplies are super good, good free shipping, and their 7 -day unconditional return and exchange after sale is very intimate
    Tesecan pet shop clothes pet supplies are super good.

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