The cat's bite force is quite powerful, and it can be bitten by biting the mouse's throat to suffocate. What does the cat bite the owner mean?

5 thoughts on “The cat's bite force is quite powerful, and it can be bitten by biting the mouse's throat to suffocate. What does the cat bite the owner mean?”

  1. When the cats in the house are with the owner, will the cat unconsciously bite the owner? The cat's bite is very strong, and the mouse's throat can be suffocated. One is that the cat has a good feeling and a sense of dependence on the owner, indicating that the cat is familiar with and trusts the owner, and hopes to interact with the owner, which shows that the cat's owner is intimate and friendly. Secondly, because it wants to play with its owner, Ni is just an expression that Ni is playing with its owner, just like it is playing with its friends. Third, when the cat is boring, at this time, if you see the owner's fingers move, it will bite it gently; fourth, the cat is expressing negative emotions. Sometimes, cats do not like the owner to continue playing or rubbing the cat, it will bite the owner.
    The behavior of resistance. Cats are relatively friendly animals. Only when they feel dangerous, they are caught or bitten. Cats express their thoughts through the Ni owner. The cat bite the master gently, and did not really hurt the owner. It wants to play with the owner or attract the attention of the owner. Just like the cat stretched out his paw and grabbed the owner, it actually did not extend the sharp nails hidden under the meat pad, but just scratched you with meat pads. When a cat particularly likes the owner, it runs to the front and bite the owner's fingers gently. Under normal circumstances, it is an expression of love to the owner and hopes to play with the owner. This is just an expression of love for the owner. Just like cats like to lick their hands, some cats like to bite people to express their love for love. Cats sometimes bite the owner because of their habits. Before the cat is tamed by humans, it will determine the food size, softness and hardness by capturing the food after capturing food.
    Until now, cats still retain this habit. When biting the owner's fingers, it will be particularly comfortable, so I especially hope to bite the owner's fingers. When the cat feels bored, it will look for "things" that can play with themselves. When the owner's hands or feet and other body parts are moving, it will scrape and bite to reduce its boredom. Sometimes, when a cat feels nervous and cannot leave where it feels nervous, it also relieves its tension by biting the owner's fingers. Cats may bite its owner for the following reasons: cats like to bite their toes during infantiles, and sometimes they bite its owner. This is not because the cat is hostile to the owner, but because the cat is naughty and curious. The first possibility is that cats lack motherly love. Some cats left their mother when they were young, leaving only fingers or toes as playmates.
    The kitten Ni is just a habit. Live naughty is the nature of nature. The second possibility is lack of toys. The cat bite owner is just because he wants the owner to play it. The third possibility is that when the owner feeds the cat, the cat will bite the host's hand. This may be because the owner is too slow to feed. The cat will be more anxious and hopes that the owner will make the owner faster by biting the owner's hand. The fourth possibility is the cat who loves his cat too much. Even if the cat bites him, he will not be angry. The fifth possibility is to touch the sensitive part of the cat while touching the cat. It will bite the owner and remind the owner not to touch it. Bite a cat is a relatively common behavior, but this behavior is largely determined by the owner.
    If the owner doesn't like cats very much, he can stop it. In order to make cats develop good habits from an early age, the owner should try not to tease it with his hands, especially not to put his fingers in his mouth to avoid stimulating the cat's instinct. To prevent injuries, the owner should not be obsessed with this. Although it is only bite, if it takes a long time, cats will think that this is not a big deal, it should be. Remind you that if a cat bites yourself, you must correct it in time.

  2. It is the normal interaction between the cat and the owner, and it is also the recognition of the owner. We should buy some toys or eat for the cat.

  3. This is a way for cats to express their favor and dependence. Sometimes I want to play with the owner, or I boring when I see my fingers move up and bite.

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