3 thoughts on “How to make wine sales at the beginning?”

  1. Step 1: Develop a group purchase channel

    It to make drinks first to be a big customer, and gift group purchase channels will always be the main source of large orders. The wine industry has holidays and sales of 4 other time. : 6 The statement, that is, it means that as long as you use several corporate group purchase orders on holidays, you can ensure more than 40%of the year's revenue. Is it difficult for the group purchase channels to develop? If the wine brand in your hand is high, such as Luzhou Laojiao, Wuliangye, and Maotai, then you only need to visit the larger local enterprises with wine. Sending some products with sincerity, you can slowly develop your own group purchase channels. For group purchase channels, the number does not require many. As long as one parent cooperates for a long time, the initial sales can be formed for you.

    Step 2: Focus on the two main products

    Make the most taboo category choice for customers, so make wine and try to recommend the wines recommended for customers. Two models, you can first take out a best high -end wine product for customers to taste. Customers like it but often feel that the price is too expensive. Come out, it is easy to impress customers.

    3: Cultivate three core resources

    When a dealer goes to some drinks and China Merchants, the question that is often asked by the company is "Do you have any you have Resources? "If you want to make wine, a certain resources are needed, mainly including the following three points.

    of course the first one is money. At least 200,000 or more funds are invested, because the unit price of the wine is relatively low and the transportation cost is high. Therefore, in addition to the need to buy, the franchisee also needs the corresponding warehouse to store it, but there is also a low risk of wine to make wine. That is, the shelf life will be relatively long, especially the liquor, the longer the hiding, the higher the value, which is why many dealers are not worried about the reason for liquor to sell.

    The second is the connection. Because the liquor industry is mainly based on the group purchase market, there are not many retail sales. Because liquor often has a large relationship with party, wine banquet, activities, etc., it will not be a bottle of two bottles at each purchase, so it also contributes to the hot liquor group purchase market. And knowing the procurement director of some large enterprises, including a certain military and political relationship, can greatly help the sales of liquor.

    The third is the channel. The so -called channel resources refer to the ability to spread the product to the terminal and enter some catering channels. In this regard, it will be mainly speaking.

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