What industry does steel pipe rental belong to

What industry does steel pipe rental belong to whether the building or transfer of intangible assets or the service industry

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  1. It depends on the specific situation. If it is just a simple leased steel pipe, there is no transfer of ownership, it should be treated according to the service industry-rental industry. If the ownership transfer or the transfer of disposal rights occurs, the same financial leasing should be followed. Treatment by sales.

  2. Leasing belongs to the service industry, belongs to the local tax bureau, and is mainly levied for business tax. The tax rate is generally 5%

  3. The risk is lower than other industries. At least you do n’t do it, and the pipes can still be sold. In case you dare to go to the steel pipe price, you can earn a lot when you sell it. The risk depends on your salesman's strength. If you can't run the construction site, or the rotten site, the pipe is not able to find anyone.

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