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  1. [Action School ️ Learning Diary]

    [Pickup Baby]: Wang Yan

    [Pickings Date]: 2019/7/27

    [Learning Content]: Deton the community

    [Learning note]:

    through community culture, detonate the community and spread
    n Without careful investigation and familiarity with the community, it is difficult to spread products and information.

    In the activity of calling CEO in Uber (Uber), the company joined hands to organize an event called "Uber Dream". Uber app calls a corporate executive with one click, and there are 14 executives from 14 companies including Evernote, LinkedIn, Uber, and poor travel from the car.

    1 lucky people who hit the corporate executive vehicle will have 15 minutes. In this event, students not only have the opportunity to communicate directly with the executives, but also have the opportunity to enter the cooperative enterprise work. And internship. This activity seized the needs of the core community and instantly detonated the recruitment market.

    badge is the eternal classic around the second dimension. It has the characteristics of low prices and many types. The most important thing is that there are also pictures. Whether there is an authorized question on the small badge is gone.

    The case review: The culture of understanding the community is the basic support for product research and development, marketing, and customer service. We see that Xishanju team posted the real photos of users on the workbench to remind the team to who they were serving, which is indeed an effective way.

    Vender Section 4 Inspect the game rules of the Internet community. After that, everyone will talk a few words, but a few days later, the community will enter the zombie state.

    It the above problems should be considered when the company's strategic planning is planned. The method I give this is to solve it with humanities. For example, on the issue of community activity and vitality, it can be comprehensively treated from the perspective of community power, ritual sense, and community behavior psychology.

    The power in the network space community is an important password to open the operation of the community. So what is the power in the community? The so -called power in the community is that others depend on you in the community, and you have the resources that others want or depend on survival. Power is a relative concept. In the community, power has its scope of fixed effects.

    The Internet power is mainly divided into the following types:

    If formal organization power: corresponding to the formal organization power, no organization authorization, often refers to those through professional or interest, etc. Power of resource construction.

    · formal organization power: describes the power specified or given by the organization, its typical characteristics are legal, representing organizations or institutions exercise power.

    If offline social power: corresponding to online social power, the general overview of the individual or organization's power in the real society. You can also understand it as a traditional power.

    · Online social power; describes the power of individuals or organizations under network space, and online social power has its own rules of running.

    The want to detonate the community and understand the operation of the Internet community. We need to understand where the power of informal organizations on the Internet comes from. Formally organizing power is often authorized by institutions or organizations, and online informal organizations are built based on hobbies, relationship chains (alumni associations, industries), etc., with weak relationships.

    The issue of power of informal organizations online can be analyzed from the definition of power: others have dependence on you, you master the resources that others want or depend on survival. It can be seen from the definition that the following groups in the community have the power:

    . People who create groups often have natural power.

    · The members who joined the group early have an advantage over the latecomers.

    · Contact persons responsible for coordination, statistics, registration and other businesses in the event.

    · offline cattle people, or people who often share resources with you (money, knowledge, objects), etc.

    It you need it, it gives you benefits, and in this interaction process, it forms online and offline power. There are strong resources offline, which are generally strong on the Internet (premise that the area of ​​resources belongs).

    The path of the Internet community shaping and obtaining power has the following:

    (1) Become the dependence of the community, and share resources through information or knowledge transmission.

    (2) Actively organize activities, or actively participate in social activities.

    (3) Alliance with people who have power in the virtual environment, standing around the core power, and grafting power.

    Geremorating the owner's community rules, Fang Tai achieves precise detonation

    Fangtai Tai offline market team has also set up the "Based on the Dotyle of the Community 4C Law, Precision O2O Destroy" project Group. Exploring how the offline retail stores and experience centers are integrated through "detonating the community" in the O2O era. In the process, through the purchase of communities such as the range hood and other products, it outlines the marketing direction of the new era, that is, through community thinking and new means, people planned to buy kitchen appliances in the next 3 months to achieve performance.

    Me first, we have defined the scene within 3 months after the new house or the new house is delivered. In this scene, more people will consider renovation, and Fang Tai must stuck this scene.

    In the community part, the suggestion given by the author is that each region must find out the community platforms of Internet activities and kitchen appliances discussions.

    The students can find out the area of ​​gathering areas where the local community is located through 20 days of hard work. These areas will be used as a map of fighting for a long time in the future.

    In forum category: the ninth district forum, Jiaxing people forum, Jiaxing 19th floor forum, Jiaxing 108 community, Haiyan Forum, Tongxiang Life Network, Pinghu Forum.

    The posts: Jiaxing Bar, Fang Taijiaxing Bar, Jiaxing Decoration Bar, Huzhou Bar, Changxing Bar, Anji Bar, Tongxiang Bar, Haining Bar.

    WeChat public account number: 19th floor of Jiaxing, the ninth district of Jiaxing, Jiaxing people forum, Jiaxing wedding crazy, Jiaxing traffic broadcast FM92.2,

    QQ group: Jiangnan Yipin owner owner Group, Jiaxing DIY baking group, Greenland Meijun (owner group), Yibai material friendship group, building materials procurement high group, Jiaxing decoration building materials network,

    When the theory of the group theory to leverages Fang Tai's sales in the region, the practice of Liuzhou team has achieved good results. The Liuzhou Fang Tai Team, every other stage, will analyze the real estate that is about to open in the next three months, and screening from multiple angles such as purchasing power.

    The Fang Tai Liuzhou team actively study the rules of online community operations, strive to be a favorite group friend, do not harass users, only provide value and services. By searching the Internet and the helping tools of decoration, actively solve the problems raised by users such as WeChat groups, QQ groups, etc., and accumulate the trust of network space and social capital.

    The case comments: Fangtai retail team is dealing with the Internet, especially e -commerce's impact on offline physical retail, and actively subverts innovation through social drainage and community sales. We can see that the reason why we can get involved in the community and use the community for sales are derived from the team's understanding of the rules of the online community.

    (4) Proper show off, showing offline resources or advantages. For example, you can send a red envelope for everyone, but you should also pay attention to frequency and method of use, and grab the size.

    (5) Obtain power through technical means. For example, search engine's SEO and webpage power PageRARARARANK Index, the angle of its thinking is to prefer the information on the Internet and intercept the path obtained by users.

    It interpretation of network community operation from the perspective of motivation

    In deeper analysis of community operations, the motivation of the user to join the network community, the daily performance of the online community, etc. Thinking of angle.

    1. Finding yourself, playing the role

    In daily operation, community operators should find themselves through various forms to brush the sense of presence for the community. The reasonable community operation is to guide the community to play their respective roles.

    . Show off

    In the operation of the community, although it is not a word of meaning, it is indeed a key angle of our insight into the community. Show off has always been a hidden demand, which can be expressed in the network space.

    3. Comparison

    The activation of the community's comparison is also an effective strategy in community operation. Comparison can lead to a positive side or take astray.

    4. Learning, growth

    The motivation for learning and growth is a common form in community operation. The interest community often comes from common topics or learning needs.

    5. Peeping

    The people joined the live broadcast platform, from their curiosity and peeping desire. The peeping is a very hidden motivation in the operation of the community. No one will say frankly, but the popular Internet products and behaviors that are full of peeps are enough to explain this.

    It online community online behavior

    In description games, APPs, community and other products, the data used as follows:

    · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n RU (registered user).

    · UV (logged in on the day).

    · AU (active user).

    · PU (paid users).

    · ACU (the average number of online people at the same time).

    · PCU (maximum number of online people at the same time).

    · APA (active paid account).

    · ARPU (user consumption per month).

    It's field of online behavior analysis in the community, currently the domestic game and APP operations are relatively leading.

    The consumer behavior of the player community online can statistics and analysis from the following perspective:

    · Paid user behavior: the number of paid users, ARPU, etc.

    · profit behavior data: game profit status, consumption composition and change trend.

    The future world, data will become the resources of enterprise PK. Whoever master DT will have the property rights of future resources. Of course, such property rights also have a deadline. For example, when Weibo detonates, the value of users and behavior data on Weibo is explosive, but with the decline of Weibo, its data resource value continues to decline.

    cookie, as an online user access logo, has always been a technology and dimension for the industry's heavy use.

    Is using community online behavior to study for research, the most commonly used method is to label.

    It section 5 Find the community of target users, and then detonate it

    This mobile phone detonates fans through QQ space

    At that time, more than 5 million users poured into the QQ space's redmi -launched page, with a maximum peak of 800,000 people per second. Earlier, about 15 million users have participated in the sign -in appointment, and Xiaomi has set a new record for domestic mobile phone brand social network pre -sale.

    The cooperation between Xiaomi and QQ space is not simply making pre -sale announcements, but adding detonation factors that stimulate the community. The starting of Redmi Note sets three links, namely preheating (guessing prices) - appointment (sign -in, collection) -snap -up, the three are intertwined. Taking Ji Zhan as an example, the user posted a talk in QQ space. Get 32 ​​likes to friends, and he can take 3 appointment opportunities. This kind of acquaintance circle marketing is very grounded, and the conducting conduction effect is amazing. In the end, about 100 million users participated in the likes.

    This is a community detonation incident that has been predicted and accurate. QQ space and Tencent effect advertising platform widely evaluated the possibility of detonation from 5 aspects.

    (1) Analyze the brand activity of the mobile phone based on the source of the QQ album. The previous three consecutive years was basically led by Apple and Samsung, and the picture of the Xiaomi mobile phone was quickly climbed to the third place to the third place. , Activation far exceeds other domestic mobile phone brands.

    (2) Discover the topic of QQ users' large -scale discussion on replacement of functional machines. Hundreds of millions of users are on the eve of the replacement machine, and the potential demand is strong.

    (3) When discussing users discuss Xiaomi mobile phones, the brand cognition is mostly "economic and practical iPhone". Once the cognition is strengthened, for middle -income users and users of third- and fourth -tier cities, they will have having a third and fourth -tier cities. Strong attraction.

    (4) A small -scale launch test on Weibo and QQ space found that Sina Weibo users have completed the smart machine replacement, and QQ space users are at the edge of the changing machine. Essence

    (5) Xiaomi dares to activate the user's desire to buy the user at the "price anchor point". At that time, the Xiaomi mobile phone agreed on the QQ space was a thousand yuan machine. On the last day of the event, Xiaomi gave 799 799 Yuan's screaming price.

    Is we can see how the Xiaomi mobile phone team accurately identifies the community where the target customer is located and detonate their

    The angle of social marketing, you can do this:

    (1) Select the community site where the target users gather.

    (2) Topics that are interested in the target user group to get attention.

    (3) Take into account the atmosphere of different communities and formulate different communication strategies.

    For specific communities, if you want to detonate the community, you can start from the following aspects:

    (1) Touched the ecological charts scattered on the Internet.

    (2) Find the target opinion leader based on marketing purposes and actual conditions.

    (3) The content of good quality and high correlation can bring the correct response.

    (4) Finding up to consumers' opinions and feedback, it is important to respond.

    Different gathering points, different play

    The users who use social networking sites as the first target site like to share messages, entertain, and tend to become brand fans. These users need the brand to have a subtle infection, interaction, and communication on them. They are excellent carriers, carriers and communicationists of word -of -mouth communication, virus transmission.

    The solution: For these users, companies need to plan relevant activities in advance, such as "full 100 free 100" and "limited time 50 % off buying" discount activities. The celebrities of the social media forward or push in advance. When these users turn on the computer, companies will directly grab their hearts. They will tell friends through various channels such as sharing, which will eventually cause virus transmission.

    [Persistence habit]:

    Reading 1000 steps Break -knowing obstacles Early
    n [Today's Perception]:

    The essence of power comes from exchange. Power is relatively relative, that is, power to related parties, and the power is not valuable to non -related people. From the perspective of social exchanges, the two sides have formed power based on continuous exchange.

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