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  1. The group name of the incentive team
    The group name Daquan of the incentive team, as a group of aspiring youths who are pursuing the future, even the names of WeChat groups need to be positive, have the future prospects and yearning. Light, let me take a brief understanding of the group name of the incentive team.
    The group name of the incentive team 1 1. Mercedes -Benz Consortium (Financial Team of the Automobile Sales Industry): Customers driving Mercedes -Benz, the company's income Mercedes.
    2. Zhongzhi (Sales Team): From "Zhongzhi Chengcheng"
    3. Love C and Bya: I am a love of love. n 5. Haiyan team: Haiyan is known as red lightning. It can pass through calmly in the wind and rainy weather, indicating that the team has the same courage to fly dream team: Dream Flying!

    6. The sharp team: We are sharp, regardless of any aspect
    7. Zhilian team (sales team): Zhilian, refers to the wisdom of the joint players
    8. Tianma Xingkong team : Our creative Tianma
    9. Metronus: Metrics are twisted in the advance, advance in the twists and turns
    10. Tomorrow Star (Sales Team): We are the star of tomorrow
    11. Fire Wolf (Sales Team): Fire Dance Spring and Autumn Wolf Battle World
    12. Blazers: Become the first person of successful pioneer
    13. Anta: Step on every foot of each foot
    14. Tong passers -by (villa marketing): We are the same passers -by, honor and disgrace and the common
    15. Never abandon: never give up
    16, dream chaser: those who follow the dream
    17, There is a must -see print (printing industry): We must meet
    18. The waves of the waves: sometimes the wind and waves will sometimes hang the cloud sails
    19. The victory team (badminton team): Always belong to us
    20, "V" laughs: V is like a victory gesture, describing the determination of the team to win! Smile indicates the attitude of the team to deal with difficulties.
    21. Main melody: The main theme of our leading game
    The group name of the incentive team 2 1. Storm and rainstorm
    , wolf totem
    3. I want, shine
    4, played sword shit
    5, proud alive
    6, persist
    7, future, all in my hand
    8, domineering in the bones
    9. Work hard for tomorrow
    10. Pulling the knife for you
    11. No longer let the dream wither!
    12. The leader of the rich
    13, the young interpretation of the dream
    14, the face faces the sun
    15, the king's loneliness
    16, the weak is strong
    17. Go forward in another direction
    18. Young longing for further loneliness
    19. The sunshine is always after the wind and rain

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