5 thoughts on “How about young people learn cooking? Is there a future?”

  1. If it is a career as a career, as long as it is interested, it is very good. Let's analyze:
    The we are a big country in China, and people are iron rice or steel.
    2. As a young man, if you do n’t have a good degree, cooking is also a technology. It ’s good to eat by technology and have a skill.
    3. If you are young boys, schools are not good, studying is not good, and it is difficult to get employment in counterparts. If you are interested in cooking, you can also learn from your own hands. In the future, make friends and show off to facilitate the popularity. In the family, the skills of the family can improve the family happiness
    5. The guy is expensive and insisted. I never cook before, now I can come to

  2. However, compared with other physical labor, cooking has advantages.

    This is a skill.

    S is similar to construction workers and factory employees. Working more uses his own physical strength and your own time. The older the age, as physical and energy decreases, the work ability is getting lower and lower.

    When entering the cooking industry, it is just a small job. It may not be high in the first two or three years, but as long as you work hard, you can continue to improve your skills and achieve better development.

    It, with the development of science and technology and the progress of society, physical labor is gradually replaced by machines, which is inevitable for development. Although there are some cooking equipment for chefs now, it takes a long time, but it will never be completely replaced, because people's needs for taste are diverse and personalized. This is extremely Unable to achieve.

    So simply, cooking is a very good industry in terms of physical labor.

  3. As a young man, if you do n’t have a good degree, cooking is also a technology. It ’s good to eat by technology and have a skill. 3. If you are young boys, the school is not good, the study is not good, the opposition is difficult to employ, you can also learn to be interested in cooking, earn money with your own hands, never shame [like] 4. Learn to cook, make friends in the future, make friends in the future The party is exposed, which is convenient for gathering popularity. In the family, the family can improve the family happiness [Laughs] 5. The young man is expensive and insisted. As the field of "food" in clothing, food, housing and transportation, eating (catering industry) has always been a big market, but the premise must be delicious. For merchants, the problems of ingredients can be solved, and there is a complete supply chain system, but a good chef may not be able to cultivate or easy to come out. Therefore, good chefs are very valuable, and culinary learning is promising.

  4. Of course, young people learn cooking. Now cooking as a high -paid industry, developing faster and faster. In the future, people's demand for cooking will become larger and larger. Therefore, learning cooking is very promising now. First, learn cooking. Whether it is employment or entrepreneurship, the environment of work is very good; secondly, cooking is very suitable for young people, and can be entrepreneurship independently in the future to do it for parents and family members. It is recommended to go to a professional, formal, and well -known school. After this study, I recommend employment. Do not worry about work issues. All aspects are guaranteed.

  5. Now the chef industry has a small employment pressure and high salary, which is very suitable for boys to learn. Both Chinese and Western foods are recommended to study in professional cooking colleges. And now the chef's job is not like before. Now there are many hotels, and technology chefs can get a monthly salary of tens of thousands of yuan. And learning chefs can not only be employed, but also start a business by themselves. The prospects are good and there are many ways! Cooking is also a very practical skill in life. People are iron, rice is steel, and even more powerful people are inseparable from three meals a day. Mastering the cooking skills and knowledge can not only satisfy our taste buds, but no longer need to worry about daily nutrition and health. And the technology industry is not as good as high school or something. It doesn't matter that the previous results are not good. This industry needs to step by step. Of course, if you are interested here, you can learn more well. It is recommended to choose a professional culinary college that provides specialized qualifications. In this way, graduation can not only master solid cooking techniques, but also obtain a college degree and have a wider development prospect!

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