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  1. The biggest problem faced by an enterprise when formulating a marketing plan is to sell the product to? That is to determine the problem of the target customer group. The market is large, and consumers are the same, and this is the same, let alone the international market. When determining the target customer group, companies must first make preliminary discipline and confirmation of all customers.
    In initially determining the target customer group, you must pay attention to the strategic goals of the enterprise. It includes two aspects. On the one hand, it is to find consumer groups that need special needs and preferences for corporate brands. On the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, It is a group that can help companies get sales revenue and interests that can achieve expectations. By analyzing the statistics of residents' disposable income level, age distribution, regional distribution, and purchase of similar products, all consumers can be preliminarily subdivided. Consumers with sales income retain some consumer groups that may be purchased, and do some one -dimensional decomposition of consumer groups that may be purchased. Consumption habits. As the analysis method tends to be more qualitative analysis, the boundary of the consumer group that is retained may be blurred and needs further refinement and exploration.
    The secondary segmentation of the target customer group. After preliminarily judging the outline of the target customer group in accordance with the company's strategic goals, the company needs to conduct a second segment of the target customer group with a large range. The final plan of the group.
    First through comprehensive and qualitative discrimination, a small -scale customer survey or dealer interview, enrich the decomposition standards of the initially determined strategic target customer group, and assign a value to form a purchasing driver/failure curve, such as age level, purchase frequency, purchase expenditure The amount that accounts for disposable income is the assignment of the decomposition standard.

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