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  1. It's a liar, don't believe it. The current scammers are very means. Some of the two or twice the processing fee for you to obtain trust is to let you introduce more five knowledge in. When you do the third or fourth time, they will find a way to use it. Full -qualified ways to deceive the material fee or deposit. I have been deceived that, and any diamond painting now is a scammer routine.
    The work of beads is to make the beads in accordance with certain rules into a certain shape or style crafts, promise to recycle, but it is basically unqualified. When buying cross -stitch materials, they will say that these cross -stitch are very rare to prevent you from selling them yourself, so you need a deposit to remove the cross -stitch material.
    This fees or recovery fees as bait, and then the names of collecting various materials deposits, margins, material expenses, machine expenses, freight, insurance premiums, notarization, etc. These companies in the city are basically empty shell companies or they do not exist.
    This can go to the nearby factory to see if there is any money, but this makes very little money. Most of us are older people who are older here.

  2. A large part is a scammer. Only a considerable part is not, but not less, there are many scammers. Nowadays, people are keen to find part -time jobs on the Internet, especially those who are slightly lower in education and can only do some manual work, and scammers often quit this group to start. So we can see that there are many people who have been cheated by these so -called manual work on the Internet. But these people do not believe that they have been deceived, or they feel that they are just lucky this time, and they can be found successfully next time, so they were deceived again and again ... You can analyze it, He also scolded you and said that you stop his fortune. And these scammers' deceptions are nothing more than the following.
    1. Diamond painting and paste drawing diamond painting. I believe many people have heard of it. On Taobao, a pair of diamonds draw dozens of dollars. After buying it, it is a painted with a glue, and then bring you a few packs of rhinestones with a bright crystal, and then let you paste the number on it. The scammers will engage in such a group of things, let you pay the meeting fee, saying that it can give you discounts and can give you more money. When you really believe him, pay the money, you need to spend money to buy his paintings. A pair of paintings on Taobao dozens of dollars, selling hundreds of dollars.
    If you ask him why he is so much more expensive than Taobao, he will stab you, saying that you can buy it on Taobao, and let Taobao sellers sell it for you. In fact, they just use fierce words to scare you, and listen to them obediently. Maybe he will set up a pair or two of others halfway, and then show you screenshots to strengthen your confidence. When you are almost investing, he will excuse to rectify, and then completely disappear from your world. After all, these scammers are contacted with WeChat, and they do not allow friends to add friends in the group. As long as you move you out of the group, you can't find them.
    . The same one with section embroidery, dream catcher and diamond painting, and paste painting is the embroidery of the paragraph, and there is something that is recently rising. Of course, a scammer may have a variety of operations. Not only are these, but also various things such as digital oil painting, cross stitch, double -sided embroidery, group fan, pillow cover and other things. The scammers who specialize in these things are the same as the diamond painting above. They are also hanging your appetite, and often expose the settlement diagram to seduce you.
    . They have a settlement diagram, but they will not really settle you. They will press the things that you will post back, and then lie to you that the finance has a small problem recently, and it is dealt with quickly to stabilize you. While stabilizing you, they will quickly launch a variety of activities, and they have great discounts and great temptation. When you can't help the temptation, after continuing to pay him, one day they will excuse the people in the group to make trouble, then dissolve the group, and evaporate the world.
    In short, no matter what form of the manual work part -time, almost nine in the ten houses are fake, which is very unbelievable. Their purpose is to deceive your "meeting fees" and "material expenses" Essence Some people suddenly smashed into hundreds or even thousands in order to make money. These scammers seized those Baoma to start, because this group basically found other part -time jobs with educated qualifications. Those who have no academic qualifications will come to manual work as a part -time job. Relatively worse, it is easy to be deceived. But anyway, those who deceive people are all non -human species.

  3. The online handicraft is not reliable, it is a liar.
    1. The handmade scams in the society have never stopped for many years, and it does exist. It has also completely pulled the image of the entire manual work industry to the bottom of people's trust. Hand -living scams not only have always existed, but also changed their heads. The tricks of deceiving people are getting clever and wise.
    2. The threshold of this industry is very low. It is because of the characteristics of this industry that many scammers can easily enter the industry and thus deceive people. There is no decent organization or association in the entire industry to supervise and coordinate.
    3, there are indeed a group of people who want to deceive people. Even the Internet has been deceived on Alibaba, which shows how rampant scammers are. It is precisely because of these people that have given the entire industry and the development and growth of traditional handicrafts. It's really "not afraid of thieves stealing, you are afraid of the thief's mind". To do this industry well, change the impression of manual work in the minds of people's minds, and you must first dug out these harmful people and put these tumors. Remove.
    4, handmade work and handmade work, the representative enterprise is not strong, the number of positive companies is small and the strength is small, and it cannot be covered with negative effects.
    5, the blow is far from enough. Many scammers drill the law of the law, or on the address, amount, text and materials, etc., which is difficult to defend their rights, especially in other places, the cost of defending rights is too large, and many people will not be done after being deceived.

  4. Most of them are deceiving.
    The handmade work is mixed with fish dragons, plus some scammers are superb, which makes people really falsely discern. Many really hand -made business companies, who do not dare to promise high profits, need to calculate the cost, but it is like fake.
    The case of manual work to deceive the deposit has not been an example in recent years. Liar is often used to attract some low -income groups based on easy learning and high income as bait. After the other party pays the deposit, the product is not qualified for various reasons. Because such scams often sign contracts in advance, and then push responsibilities to each other, making it more difficult to protect their rights.
    Crothea generally has the following three characteristics:
    1. The promise earns a few hundred and other high income a day, which is not consistent with the labor results you pay;
    2, no qualifications are not qualified证件以及固定地点的,那种打一枪换一地的小窝点,也许还没等你做完手里的活,人家早就溜之大吉了;rn3、没有明确验收标准的,因为没有The clear acceptance standards and written written proves that the qualifications can only be calculated by the other party, and the processing households are completely passive.

  5. Unreliable, most of them are scammers. Of course, you can't overturn a boat. Inside the stars will also have a hand -made outsourcing work. So you need to identify it yourself. If you ask you for money and deposit, then don't put it on.

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