1 thought on “What is the estimated truck transportation industry in 2022?”

  1. The transportation industry is also facing the survival of the gap. Aside from the low freight, the demand for the goods has become less, and the flesh of the car is less and more serious! I believe that many drivers engaged in the freight industry have already felt it.
    2022 competition will be strenuous. Not only does the manufacturers compete for share in smaller market demand, but the National Five New Car, which has not been completely digested last year, needs to be digested, which further improves sales pressure. This also tests the manufacturer's grasp of user needs and services.
    This light cards are popular with the following two main reasons:
    1. Limited affected by urban restrictions.
    2, C1 driver's license can be opened, and no annual inspection is not needed.
    Although there are two benefits in these two aspects, it will also cause the industry to be more prominent to a certain extent. In short, the blue card light card may face a fatal blow. Furthermore, the situation of 4.5 tons of freight models itself is embarrassing and it is easy to overload.

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