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  1. Hehe, see your post again. Nanjing's software output value was more than 70 billion last year, second only to Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, which was almost twice as many as Dalian. And the gap between Shanghai is small, and it may soon exceed at the current speed. But there is still some distance from Beijing and Shenzhen. Nanjing's software development is quite easy to find, and the treatment is okay. I have three classmates who are engaged in software development. They are not a good school graduated. A population college, a three -book of Nandong University, and one are not computers, and they are not in any big company. The salary is more than 4,000. Therefore, the treatment should be much higher than in Hefei. In addition, seven local companies in Nanjing have entered the top 100 software software in 2008. In addition, ZTE Huawei has a base in Nanjing, which is very large. Among them, ZTE's Nanjing base is even larger than his Shenzhen headquarters. Yang and other foreign software companies, there are more other relatively small software outsourcing companies. Therefore, the choice of choices in Nanjing companies is much greater than the hypertrophy.

    The troubles for trouble, thank you!

  2. Classmates:
    The size in Nanjing's software industry is large. For example, the Software Valley and Software Avenue
    The software industry just graduated from graduation. Since they are studying, the salary can be put aside the previous year or two.
    Wangs to learn more technology, the future income will definitely be very good.
    I I wish you a lot!

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