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  1. IT foreign company English interview question
    IT foreign companies English interview questions (1)

    Q: What process you with a sense of. : Doing my best job for your company. If you had a loot of money to do donate, where would you do to? Why? (Medical research becape I want to do some to help other. Institution.)
    Q: What is most important in your life right now? (For me, it is the most important thing to find a job in this field.)
    a: to secure hope with your company. Q: What Current issues concess you the most? (At present, the overall situation and The influence of Chinese entering the WTO on our industry. )
    Q: How long would you like to stay with this company? My Field.
    (As long as I can continue to learn and grow in my industry, I will stay here.)
    Q: Could you project what you will like to be doing five year?
    (Can you expect what will you do in five years?)
    a: as I have some in my last job, I may use my
    u003Cin future. R n I have accumulated some administrative chefs in the previous work. I may have to use my organization and planning skills and skills in the future. )
    a: I hold to my Ability and Talents in my filed. positive wood be exciting. (Now the prediction of this issue is still too early.)
    can even be interesting:
    taking, I might be able to do your current job as a director. (Or CEO or President) (Maybe, I can also do the job of your current director!)
    Q: What range of pay-scale are you in? Money Is Important, but the that goes along with this job is
    what interests me the most. Family family, it can be said:
    u003CI and support. To family a has been used, this like you, with open franking be>
    frankly, I like this job, but I have to be burdened with me Family.)
    IT foreign companies English interview questions (2)
    Q: can you self your yourself in two minutes? Go for it.
    (Can you recommend it in two minutes? Bold Try it!)
    a: with my and, I feel I am,
    u003Cyour underta KE. I Project any in diligent and>
    u003Cran Skills. My from Benefit>
    Bet according to my qualifications and verifications, I think I have worked hard, responsible, and diligent in every project I am engaged in Essence
    The ability to analyze and the skills of getting along with people must be valuable to your units. )
    Q: GIVE Me a Summary of your current job. BE SPECIFIC, I do System
    Analysis, Trouble Shooting and Provide Software Support. Support.)
    Q: How do you rate your own as a? Academic background
    , I can be competent for my own job, and I think I am very competitive.)
    : With my team, I am confident that I can relete to studits very well.
    (According to my teaching, I believe I can get along well with students.)
    Q: What did make to your current (previous)?
    (You are currently/previous work units What contributions?)
    : I have finished three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my to this
    position. The Qi test is used in this job.)
    Q: What do you think you are worth to us? some positive to your company in the future.
    (I think I can make some enthusiasm to your company. )
    Q: What Make You Think You Would Be A Success in this position?
    (How do you know that you can do this job?)
    : My Graate School Training with My Should. qualify me
    for this job. I am sure I will be. n Q: Are you a multi-tasked indivial? ?)
    : Yes, I think so.
    a: The tract is needed in my current (or previous) pose and I know I can handle it n under. (This feature That is what I need (previous) work, I know I can cope with it.)
    IT foreign companies English interview questions (3)
    Q: What is your strongest tract (s)? (Your personality on your personality What are the biggest features?)
    : AND Caring. (Optimistic and friendly.)
    Q: How would you friends or describe you? Answering again, expressing it carefully.)
    u003Can and his his for careply who man honest, an is chen Mr. Say>
    u003CFriends.> They said that Mr. Chen is an honest, working hard, responsible person, and he is very concerned about his family and friends.
    : They say Mr. Chen is a Friendly, Sensitive, Caring and Person. )
    Q: What traits do you admire? And it is easy to phase
    a: (I like) people who posses the "can do" spirit. DID You Develop as Personnel? R n the major goal of my. have Refined my style by using an Open-Door Policy. Criticism of others?)
    a: size is Golden. Just don saying; Otherwise the siteing core worker.
    i do, howept criticism. (Silence is gold. Worse, no I will accept constructive criticism. )
    a: when we cool off, we will discuss it later. What makes you unhappy?)
    a: sometimes, the narrow-minded people make me. (Those who cannot accept the new ideas.)
    Q: How do you handle your conflict with your work? n: I will try to present my IDEAS in a more clear and civilized manner in order to get
    my points across. Viewpoint.)
    Q: How do you handle your failure? Tocorct
    my magnetake. (We are not born in all, I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistake.)

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