2 thoughts on “How to enter the industry of internal trainers and trainers”

  1. First find a large enterprise with a complete system, starting with the personnel specialist or training commissioner to understand the process of training. Then enrich your connotation and gradually try to train new employees. After accumulating a certain lecture experience, you can consider spreading your views through internal training or free lecturers.

  2. At first glance, the landlord is a young man who is good at knowledge. It is a good thing for young people to have the goal, and it is a good thing for young people, and I am very supportive of you with the goal of trainer. According to the data survey trainer, it is third among the top ten high -tech occupations in the future. In fact, training in the industry and our traditional education in the past will be different. After all, students are adults. At the beginning, some new employees may be trained. After the experience is rich, the students may become the boss level, so if you want to develop better, you need excellent trainers as your teacher. I recommend you instructor Wang Yuewen. Teacher Wang has trained in the industry for more than 10 years of experience. If you are interested, you can search for "Wang Yuewen" in Baidu Encyclopedia!

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