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  1. At present, there are many companies participating in competition in the beauty institution industry, but most of them are small. Among them, the natural beauty, Banbian station and modern beauty are the leading companies in the industry. Although the listing of natural beauty and modern beauty earlier, the competitiveness of these two companies has continued in recent years, and it is gradually being overtaken by the Biba Station in Hong Kong in Hong Kong in 2012. The business model of terminal operation is closely related.
    This of beauty institutions is generally small, and the size of the company's enterprise is the largest
    It from the scale of domestic beauty institutions, a large number of beauty institutions use individual business models to lead to small operating scale. According to statistics, in recent years, the number of beauty salons in my country has increased. As of 2017, there are as many as 2.823 million beauty salons across the country, of which private beauty salons account for more than 90%, and the proportion of individual stores accounts for 97%. However, due to insufficient capital strength, individual stores have caused it to invest in a large amount of development of new products for new products, and it is difficult to make a brand, resulting in a small scale.
    At present, the larger domestic beauty institutions mostly adopt the chain operation model. Among them, the three companies of natural beauty, Banbian Station, and modern beauty are leading in the scale and successfully listed in Hong Kong. Generally speaking, the annual revenue scale of the three companies is below 800 million yuan, and the annual net profit scale is less than 200 million yuan. Among them, the revenue scale of Biba Station ranks first. At the same time, the net profit scale of the past two years has also continued to catch up with natural beauty, far ahead of the other two companies; while modern beauty performance has continued to deteriorate, and in 2017 Obvious losses appeared.
    . From the perspective of the scale expansion of the three companies in the first half of 2018, the growth trend of thinning stations will continue to grow well. The growth rate of revenue and net profit is 43.2%and 95.2%, respectively. And modern beauty; natural beauty net profit fell 24.4%compared with the same period in 2017, mainly due to the launch of more promotional benefits to cope with competition; while modern beauty revenue and net profit both fell, and the net profit loss further expanded.
    This sales of gross margin are generally high, and the profitability of thin stations is leading
    From the profitability of the three companies, the gross profit margin of the three companies is generally higher, all of which are more than 70%. Among them The gross profit margin is as high as 98%, which is nearly 20 percentage points higher than the natural beauty and modern beauty. In terms of net interest rate, from 2015 to 2017, the net profit margin of natural beauty has ranked first, but since 2016, the natural beauty The net interest rate has continued to decline. At the same time, the net interest rate of the thin station has continued to rise, and in the first half of 2018, it overtaken natural beauty and ranks first. Overall, the profitability of the thin station is relatively leading, and the profitability of natural beauty and modern beauty is constantly weakening.
    The business model differences, resulting in poor natural beauty operation capabilities
    In addition, from the perspective of the operating capacity of the enterprise, the thin station is still at the leading level; cosmetic. Specifically, the total asset turnover rate of natural beauty is less than 0.6 times, and the company's asset turnover speed is slow; and this is mainly due to slow inventory turnover.
    In fact, the slowest rate of natural beauty inventory is closely related to its business model. Generally speaking, from the coverage of the value chain link, the beauty institution industry can be divided into two basic business models: brand and terminal. Specifically, the brand model regards beauty salons as a special channel for the distribution of beauty products. It sells products through self -employment and franchise beauty salons. The source of income of this type It is positioned in the provision of beauty services. By providing customized and personalized services for customers, strengthening communication with customers, and cultivating customers' loyalty through the member system, indirectly selling independent research and development products and other brand products, such institutions, such institutions from such institutions. The source of income is mainly providing beauty services.
    At present, the two business models on the market are more popular. Among them, natural beauty and Lifeng are typical representative companies using brand models; beauty institutions that use terminal operation models are ngaRage and Acat Beauty are represented. However, it is worth mentioning that beauty institutions represented by natural beauty are vulnerable to other companies that specialize in selling skin care products, cosmetics, and hairdressing products (such as Keyan, Dream Makeup, Lange, Estee Lauder, etc.) The backlog risk and problem have reduced the company's inventory turnover speed; the inventory risks faced by the service -oriented beauty institutions are small.
    In general, the beauty institutions that provide beauty services as the main business are more competitive: on the one hand, they can use customized services to obtain specific consumer groups to improve user stickiness; on the other hand, such institutions, such institutions, such institutions, such institutions, such institutions can be The competition impact from other skin care products, cosmetics and other companies is less impact. In addition, as people's consumption power and level improvement, they will pay more and more attention to the service experience. In other words, the terminal operation model is more competitive in the beauty institution industry, or it will become one of the main directions for the development of beauty institutions in the future.
    It data and analysis are all from the "Analysis Report of the Chinese Beauty Institutional Market Market Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" of the Prospective Industry Research Institute.

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