5 thoughts on “Now 35 years old, nothing happens, what are the industries that make money?”

  1. I don't know what you think, but I think you have a few more rich people who have succeeded in struggle in the world when you ask this sentence! If this question really has the answer, then I have answered the question. I am already a billionaire.
    1. Each industry has a boss who makes a lot of money and the boss who loses money
    The boss of each industry will make money, and of course it will lose money. Making money and losing money, one says that this industry is good to make money, one says that the industry is not good, which one of them is right?
    2. In various industries, there are high -income enterprises and low -income enterprises
    also working in a certain industry. His industry is good, salary and benefits are also good, but the other feels too bad. It is better to start a business by himself.
    3. In each industry, success and unsuccessful people will draw the opposite conclusion
    . If two people start a business in the same industry, one may be successful and the other may fail. The reality is that the chances of entrepreneurs in each industry are very low, and successful entrepreneurs must be a minority. Some successful people say that this industry can make money. Most losers say that the industry is difficult and does not make money. Who should you listen to?
    The entrepreneurship is the same thing. Work is one thing. It is one thing to engage in different positions and different levels of work! You are 35 years old, and the basic logic in the brain has not yet formed, which is destined to do anything.
    If you have this time, you can make up for yourself appropriately. People who are really capable will never lack opportunities, nor will they wait for others to give him a chance, let alone ask this question! So it is better to create opportunities by yourself. Without this ability, you can only wait for luck.

  2. There are many industries that make money. It depends on whether you can endure hardships. If you want to temporarily deal with life, you can choose an industry without technical content. If you want a promising industry, you can learn a skill first, and the craftsman is hungry.
    If you can't now, you can send the courier or takeaway first. If you have a car, you can get an online and get a car. Don't feel that these tasks are not decent. As long as you can keep your life, it is a good copy. Work. Don't be afraid to lose face. Now for you, you have to survive first. This year's work is not easy to find, and the economy is very depressed. If I have nothing to do, I will do this, and people always live.
    It you can also sell breakfast. As long as your breakfast tastes good, the location of the store is okay, and you will not worry about no business. Knowing a couple who only sells miscellaneous pancakes in the morning, because I often buy pancakes, so I am more familiar with them. They only sold in the morning, and the business was very hot, and they had to line up for more than ten minutes each time. It can be collected at about ten o'clock. The livelihood of their family is maintained by this pancake stand. It is not convenient to disclose how much money can be made every month. It can be known that they are currently buying a house and a car in Shanghai, and the children are also going to school here.
    This barbecue is also a good choice. Although it is very hard and stays up late, the income is very considerable. Near our community, there is a grilled one of the roadside stalls, so there should still be no rent. The stalls began to go out in the 9th shop in the evening. Essence The whole family also lived by barbecue. After more than 10 years, a sports car, a Audi, and a house were bought in Shanghai.

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  4. Let me tell you that as long as you are hardworking and not afraid of suffering, you can make money! Age is definitely not the reason why you make money. The question is that you are willing to suffer yourself, do you want to make money, and you can stick to it. If you are the kind of person who only wants to make money and does not pay practical action, I advise you to get rich in your dreams. Except for those children who were born in wealthy people as soon as they were born, most of us were equal. The reason why the gap was opened is personal efforts. Thirty -five years old is middle -aged. It is not easy to make money.
    The concrete workers at the construction site are two or three hundred a day, and the little brother who sent takeaway can also have one hundred and five guarantees for a day. If you think these are too bitter and too tired, you can use your mouth to go to go to go to go Make money, such as when a salesperson, this line of commission is very high, depending on your ability to communicate. If you have a skill, you can make money by your skills. If not, you can learn. Like the auto repair industry, chef, driver, etc., these can make money.
    or if you have a small deposit, you can open a small restaurant or the kind of breakfast stall for a stall, or you can go to some wholesale markets to purchase some bags and jewelry. These profits are pretty good. As long as you are willing to work hard, instead of dreaming of getting rich overnight, then you are afraid that you will not make money.
    It don't just feel easy to see others just make money. You have to think about what this person has done before success and what you have experienced. No one can succeed without any reason. People who can succeed must experience the bitterness and sweat you don't know. So if you want to make money! Do you have no physical strength yet!
    In remembers of yellow gambling poison cannot be touched! This is a taboo.

  5. What should I do if I am thirty or forty years old? What should I do if I can't make money? Don't miss these money -making business again.
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