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  1. Do you know what wall painting is? Wall painting is a very old -fashioned hand -painted mural. This mural is combined with graffiti art and is more avant -garde and fashionable. The current wall painting is used in home improvement and is a home improvement art. Wall painting can be divided into many types. Some wall paintings make background walls at home, and some wall paintings are advertised on the roadside. Wall painting can be painted in many places, can be painted on furniture, or on the wardrobe. It is a more popular way of art. Let's take a look at the price of wall painting.

    . Which of the wall painting is better
    , Jinhua Tiantang Wall Painting Co., Ltd.
    Tian Tang hand -painted is one of the professional centers in the Jinhua area engaged in wall painting murals. Tiantang hand -painting has been committed to research on wall painting, wall murals, mid -to -high -level cloth oil painting, decorative painting and other research. Creation and sales. In recent years, it has worked with a number of individuals and companies, and has been well received by the industry. The paintings provided by Tiantang Art are 100%pure handicrafts, which are carefully drawn by professional artists. The mural oil painting works drawn by Tian Tang have been recognized by friends inside and outside the art industry. So far, the customer's complaints are zero.
    2. Wuhan Huamei Aipu Technology Co., Ltd.
    It company has been dedicated to professional development of intelligent painting control systems since its establishment. After all -in -one cooperation, a new generation of intelligent painting system based on the Linux system is successfully developed. Once this technology was launched in the market, it immediately became a hot spot in the industry at that time. This is not only a success of a technical upgrade system project, but also a painted technology that breaks through the traditional constraints and has a deep perception of independent innovation. success.

    . Basic patterns are selected according to personal preferences and decoration styles.
    2. Back draft. People who do not have artistic skills (can use transfer drawings), draw a drawing on the wall, gently draw out the contour of the draft with a pen, and color can be used after satisfaction, otherwise it is not easy to modify.
    3, paint. Purchase pigments in the effect of the pattern. If you can't grasp the latex coloring effect of the latex paint when buying, don't rush to make a decision in the coating shop. You can bring the color plate or coating sample home. Essence High -gloss paint will make the room look brighter, but it is also easy to highlight the shortcomings of the wall. If the wall is not flat, it is recommended to use flat coatings. Do not be too thin, otherwise it is easy to leave stigma on the wall. Acrylic pigments can be tuned according to need, and be cautious.

    4. Preparing color. First, the newspaper is covered in front of the graffiti wall to avoid staining the ground. When the hand -painted color is simple, first draw the outline on the thin and well -absorbent paper, then cut it, put it in the corresponding position of the wall, and color it in a printed manner. If you are afraid of damaging the wall, the most convenient way is to use the inkjet to not dry glue. After the spray is sprayed, the picture is carved down, and it is pasted on the wall with non -dry glue. When painting, if there are errors, you can wipe off the redemption with a wet rag, but this method cannot be adopted.
    5. Maintenance. After painting, it must be ventilated, and it can be touched after the wall is dry. Although the acrylic pigment is dry and waterproof after drying, it should not be scrubbed with water.

    above is the price introduction of wall painting. Wall painting is an artistic way to walk at the forefront of fashion. Many people now make wall painting background walls, and wall painting is more artistic. Wall painting can choose some of your favorite patterns. Generally, you need to ask some professional wall painters. It is best not to draw it yourself. There are many wall painted companies. We can choose some professional wall painting companies. You can first look at their works and then decide which company.

  2. After painting, it must be ventilated, and it can be touched after the wall is dry. Although the acrylic pigment is waterproof after drying, it should not be scrubbed with water.
    The wall painting is best not to choose the luster. If you use it at home, consider relying on lighting and other reasons. The reflection is not suitable. The mobility reflex of the family wall can create a warm atmosphere. Such
    The propylene pigment is too hard to make materials for wall painting. If you paint on a large area of ​​acrylia, you will feel cold and stiff.

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