1 thought on “How to start with fresh distribution”

  1. 1. Hardware conditions

    If determination to make a large scale, then you need to deliver vehicles (refrigerated box trucks), enough vegetable base resources, meat, seafood, dried and seasoning, etc. Qing procurement channel.

    2, soft power

    It must have a group of brothers with sufficient responsibility and hard work, because the delivery industry has been greedy for early, maybe you have finished the business today, and you need to do it. The procurement of vegetables and customers must be delivered in the end, so you need to have enough energy, especially at the beginning of the beginning, there is no business volume, so you may not get enough discount prices, then you may have to be based on your own funds. Power, depending on whether it can make thin or zero profits in the early stage to obtain business volume, broaden the procurement channels, and have enough right to speak. Fresh delivery is a service industry, and the service attitude is fundamental. You need a good service attitude to impress customers. Your service has obvious differences with other service providers, which is not the same as that of high or low.

    3, funds, connections

    The groups of brothers who can endure hardships and stand hard work, coupled with the vegetable distribution industry that never end, then congratulations, you are half of success.

    4, the software of the fresh delivery system supports

    Cuidong family fresh distribution system can efficiently integrate orders, finance, procurement, sorting, distribution, while integrated supplier management, management, Store ordering and distribution. It can effectively standardize the operation process, improve work efficiency, save manpower, and make delivery services better and faster.

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