Where can I sell wall painting in Chaozhou

I want to arrange the blank wall of the room. Where can I sell wall paintings in Chaozhou, Guangdong? Just make it simple, how much is it?

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  1. Wall painting needs to be painted at home. The price is calculated at a flat number. We are generally a flat 150. However, the landlord can consider the wall sticker. The effect is similar to the wall painting. Chaozhou seems to have no physical wall stickers, but it is estimated that there should be a kind of wall sticker material on the market. The price should be less than 10 yuan, and it should be available in the home market and cultural supplies market. In addition, the Korean wall stickers and PVC wall stickers. The Korean wall stickers are because the price is high, which is not much different from the quality of the domestic wall stickers, so there are few physical selling. PVC wall stickers are too many factors such as style, color, and size, and most of them are mainly customized, so if the landlord wants to choose the last two, it is recommended to choose on Taobao. I sell wall stickers. If you have any questions, you can ask me. I am willing to help you with no matter how you buy it ~

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