The development area and employment direction of welding professional?

I want to know my major, I hope to get as detailed as possible.

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  1. I think this technology is very good

    I has a friend that is from this department. Now (welding) South Korea

    The 1 month of RMB salary 34000

    The annual dividend is also very powerful

    On the eve of the 21st century, the American welding counterparts carried out a large -scale discussion around the theme of "the US welding industry responding to the 21st Century Challenge". They extensively and in -depth opportunities and challenges that may encounter welding in the next 20 years, and proposed a series of analysis reports with the main framework of "Welding Industry Outlook".

    This people in my country's welding industry have also paid great attention to how my country's welding industry entered the 21st century. The working group of the China Academy of Engineering, led by two academicians of Lin Shangyang and Guanqiao, carried out the work of the "Research Strategy and Development Strategy of Welding Production and Development of my country's Manufacturing Industry". In the past three years, the project working group has conducted difficult investigations. On the basis of mastering a large amount of first -hand data and data at home and outside, it has systematically analyzed the current status and main challenges of my country's welding industry, planned future development strategies for future development strategies The countermeasures put forward a research report with rich connotation and strategic significance.

    This work has received great attention from the welding industry. In March 2004, the China Welding Association and the China Welding Society organized a strategic seminar for the welding industry development of the welding industry participation by the authoritative experts of my country's welding industry. The participating experts highly evaluated the report of the two academicians, and put forward many extremely valuable suggestions for the development of the industry in the future.

  2. In our country, the welding operation needs to hold a certificate. Welders are the types of access to the accessories. Among the professional qualifications of the skill personnel, there are only five of the 81 types of work. The welders are one of them. Industry practitioners are unlicensed. With the continuous standardization of technology and the relevant requirements of the industry, more and more people want to take a welding certificate. The advantages of the verification are still very large. First of all Double or higher level. Therefore, the issue of short -term welders training has naturally become a problem that employees are more concerned about.
    The welding as an industrial "tailor" is a very important processing method in industrial production. The quality of welding quality has a decisive impact on product quality. So, what is the future development of welding technology?
    The industry prospects

    With the development of production, welding is widely used in industrial departments such as Aerospace, aviation, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, construction and machinery manufacturing, and in China In economic development, welding technology is an indispensable process. After entering the 21st century, welding is an important part of the manufacturing industry and develops rapidly. Therefore, it has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the welding industry. The situation is still unique in the situation.
    This currently consumes 300 million tons of steel (about 1.2 tons of welding structure) each year, and about 750,000 units of welding machines need to be maintained. Excellent welders have a monthly salary of more than 10,000, and their salaries are very considerable.

  3. I think no matter what major graduate, or starting from the grassroots level, firm confidence, and learning technology, there must be development. As the saying goes, 72 travel champions. As far as welding is concerned, I think it is a particularly good industry because it involves multiple key projects in the country (such as aviation, automobiles, ships, gas, oil and water dredging, etc.). Progress of society.

  4. At present, there are still more lack of welding workers in the market, especially high -level welders. It is easier to find a job and the salary is not low. If it is a technician or senior technician, the salary is higher. Too difficult. If it is a technical recovery personnel, ordinary employment work is easy to find. Most of them are state -owned enterprises. The salary is not high. They can only live a life. It is a good choice to answer a national welder to foreign companies.

  5. 大学本科的话一出来基本上还是很不错的rn毕业可以到工业部门工作rn也可以到科研部门rn不过要是能够考研的话,或有更大的发展空间r N is actually a technical problem. If the technology does not contain moisture, it is obvious that a real talent will not be wasted!

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