1 thought on “How do Taobao group pull people? What are the benefits of establishing Taobao groups?”

  1. As we all know, the store can establish WeChat groups and share its own brand promotion. In fact, on the Taobao platform, Taobao groups can also be established for marketing and promotion.
    can also often release new products and preferential promotion information in the group to drain for stores. How can Taobao group pull people?
    Oshin how to attract Taobao group users? What is the benefit of establishing Taobao groups?
    On how to invite guests?
    The service project group in the store can use the following two ways to pull people:
    The first: After certification and association, you will see the store members' webpage. Here you can click " " or "" Add the "button,
    select any way to share with friends. You can also click the "Store Members" button under your own store service project to open this page.
    It is to click the "work" below the nail interface, enter the operating table, select the related store nail punching mechanism, click "Taobao seller operating desk", and enter "add members" or "invite storefront".
    What is the role of Taobao group?
    The conversion rate of the Taobao group can reach more than 30%. On the one hand, it can help everyone maintain maintenance of store clerks. On the other hand In terms of new products, it also helps us greatly.
    In the establishment of the Taobao group, we must invite customers to enter the Taobao group. If the early management of Taobao QQ groups is less,
    I we can set the threshold for entering the group slightly lower, such as paying attention to the shop to enter the group. Assuming that the store is an old name,
    Relative to, the old customers are very many, and they can quickly introduce old customers to enter the Taobao store group. How much money can be set up here to set up the store transaction amount to enter the group.
    . Registration activities marketing, here can establish more than ten Taobao group theme activities. Generally, the time -limited spike and early purchase are more suitable for increasing the sales of store sales or new products to zero.
    For everyone, Taobao group is not just a special tool for sucking powder. After the accumulation of fans, the most important point is to do its own private domain operation.
    The two ways to allow your partners to interact in the group, you can try it. The Taobao groups are basically old customers.
    Themaking theme activities can increase the conversion rate. It can also suck powder, stabilize old customers, and increase the viscosity of old customers. It is very good for old customers.

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