1 thought on “How to search for WeChat to add WeChat how to find group plus group quickly”

  1. 1. WeChat does not have the same search function as QQ, but you can enter the group by pulling people. As long as you know the members of the group, you can let him pull you into the group, but it does not rule out the permissions of the owner. Can find the owner to pull us.

    2. In addition to being pulled into the group, the group members can also send the WeChat group QR code to the WeChat group. Some WeChat group QR code we want to find.

    3. In addition to adding other people's groups, you can also choose to build a group by yourself. The method of building a WeChat group is relatively simple. You only need to click [Tubging Group Chat] to pull your friends to build a group.

    4. The WeChat group has a QR code above, so after establishing a group, you can share the QR code of WeChat group with others. It is also a good choice to be the owner.

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