New gameplay on Taobao, accurate crowd promotes car accessories, monthly income of 100,000 !

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  1. For so long for the Internet, many friends come to consult the project every day.

    The most sentence encounters:

    Boss, is there any profiteering project, introduce it to?

    Every time I see such a problem, I do n’t consciously make a big head.

    The is really difficult to answer because of this question.

    The reason is very simple. Everyone is an independent individual. Personal interests and hobbies, peripheral resources, fields of goodness, and the environment they are in are different.

    The same project, some people can easily make money, and some people can't make money because they are exhausted, just because they are not suitable. Essence Essence

    . It's like the old saying. Women are afraid of marrying the wrong Lang, and men are afraid of entering the wrong line!

    . Like choosing a profession, choosing a project depends on whether the personal character is suitable.

    Therefore, every time I encounter such problems, I have to repeat the words above.

    The people can understand, but some people can't understand it.

    It no way, this is the difference between people and people, and it is also my original intention to share the project!

    The project to be shared today is a project that Whenea has always wanted to do it last year but has no time to do.

    Is when a friend came to consult the project two days ago, because the chat was more speculative, I told the other party, but it seems that this friend is not very concerned. It has an idea, executive power, and interested friends can do it directly!

    The project ideas are very simple, that is, using automotive forums to sell car accessories and modifications!

    The friends who know about the automotive industry should be clear that automotive accessories are a very profitable industry. In reality, many people have made their families get rich.

    So what should I do on the Internet?

    It a few years ago, when the review mechanism of the post bar was not very strict, many people published posts such as auto accessories in the post bar. Winnova also made a small profit at the beginning!

    . But now the post bar management is too strict, and then you can only take a different approach to do this industry!

    First of all, let's look at a post:

    This is a refined modification post for a car forum with a clicks of nearly 90,000. Essence Essence

    It is also equipped with a list of modifications!

    Let's take a look at the reply from the comment area:

    Sling here, I think some friends should have understood. Essence Essence

    . In order to take care of most people, I will say in detail below:

    First of all, this is a Mercedes -Benz C -Class car forum. What does it mean?

    The people who come here are not short of money. Essence Essence

    For people at this level, when shopping is more, considering subjective feelings and quality, not price!

    . For example, the Mercedes -Benz C -Class car modification post. It can be said that most people who click in are interested in the modification of this car. What do you think when you are very stunning and beautiful?

    . I think that the first idea of ​​most people is: "Really beautiful, where did these accessories buy?"

    So Intersection

    has demand, and then it is simple.

    It can leave a message directly in the rear comment area. n why is it in the comment area?

    because if the promotion information is left in the article, it is likely that it will not be able to pass the review, let alone refine it!

    At this step, it involves how to sell accessories. There are many ways here:

    1. Taobao guest

    Find some similar high commission accessories, then change the link to sort out a list. Someone will send him the list directly.

    The method does not need to ship ourselves, just earn a difference, it is more labor -saving.

    The product commission on Taobao is basically about 30%. The first -line BBA -level cars such as Mercedes -Benz have thousands of accessories, and a single accessory can earn hundreds. If it is a list, You can earn more. Essence Essence

    . Opening the store

    The method of people who have shops or operating similar products online. After all, car accessories are a bit expensive. Enough capital, I really can't play.

    , for friends who are conditions, you can improve your brand or store in this way and increase traffic!

    of course, there are many other ways to sell, so I won't be embarrassed here, let's talk about some of the precautions for posting.

    First of all, the posting should be expensive and real, and you cannot make others feel that you have false components. Raise trust.

    Is here, some friends may ask, I can't afford Mercedes, how can I post. Essence Essence

    four words, moving brick Dafa. Essence Essence

    It other forums to learn from some essence posts, and then combine it to another forum. Isn't it possible? Essence Essence

    . In the end, Wulianya wants to say that in this world, no matter what you do, you will encounter all kinds of problems. The key is that in the face of the problem leave!

    Life lies in choice instead of hard work. Every day, like a headless fly, just moved yourself, what's the use?

    The people who should leave still have to leave. Essence Essence

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