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  2. Study the local market structure and its characteristics, then determine its own target market, formulate market development plans, and implement plans with steps and steps. Finding potential customers is a necessary step to establish a customer relationship database.
    (i) Establish a potential customer database. Finding potential customers based on factors such as securities investment and securities investment capacity, customers can be institutional customers or personal customers. Establishing information requires long -term accumulation and contact.
    (2) Collect relevant information to establish a customer file library. This is a necessary step to understand customers, which can be collected at the same time when the customer database is established. The main contents should include: name, age, address, address, telephone, education, work unit, monthly income, hobbies and other basic information, but because it is difficult to collect privacy, it should also do a good job of confidentiality.
    (3) Classify and organize data to formulate development plans. Systematic finishing the collected data, establishing classification files, determining potential customers, and formulating development plans for potential customers. The customer development plan should mainly include F content:
    ① target settings. To set short -term goals and long -term goals for market development. ② Select objects. Select specific customer object implementation plans.
    ③ itinerary arrangement. There must be a detailed plan for the arrangement of the itinerary, and the degree of detailedness is determined as needed. ④ Review and revision of the plan. Modify the original plan according to the actual situation of the development customer.
    (4) Create contact, establish trust, and establish direct contact relationships. Only by establishing a normal connection and obtaining the trust of customers can we have in -depth contact. At this time, pay attention to the transmission of the agent's own image.
    (5) Filter customers. To remove those objects that are not suitable for development, preliminary judgments can be made based on basic information, or you can decide whether to develop the customer according to the attitude and actual situation of the object after a certain contact. Customers can adopt the rating mechanism to computerize the rated customers.

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