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  1. Mapping/Talent Map.
    All relevant personnel of the target area/company are contacted once to collect key data. For example: find a personnel director in the Yangtze River Delta, you must understand French. (For positions)
    The process: List all legal companies in the long triangle, contact all HR as much as possible, ask about the general annual salary, education background, ability characteristics, and so on.
    The results: data search results, sort out the report, submitted to customers or relevant persons in charge.
    also targeted at the company, then it is more hard,
    The owner of the target company must contact. Good skills can understand the entire department through 1 to 2 people, and in the sedimentation of a certain industry for about 5 years or so The old headhunter basically completes the workload of more than 50%of Mapping, and shouted 1 to 2 assistants to help update the information.

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