The advantages and disadvantages of e -commerce have always been controversial. What will the economy be closed now?

1 thought on “The advantages and disadvantages of e -commerce have always been controversial. What will the economy be closed now?”

  1. I think that if you close the e -commerce now, it will greatly affect everyone's daily life, and at the same time it will have a bad impact on the economy, because the current economy is inseparable from e -commerce. It can only be said that it can be regulated. Industry standards and supervision of business.
    . Why does the e -commerce industry have controversy?
    For ordinary people, many people understand e -commerce as simple online shopping, but it can actually be understood because it is a relatively simple and rude method. We do not need to study and define special academicization here for e -commerce. Why does the e -commerce industry controversy in pros and cons because the electronic industry has impacted the development of the physical industry to a certain extent, because it is because in the e -commerce industry in the e -commerce industry. In the past few years, it has also led to further decline in the physical industry. Now we are advocating the revitalization of the physical industry, that is, we have already felt the economic burden brought by the decline of the physical industry.
    . If the e -commerce industry is closed, will it affect the economy?
    There is no doubt that if the closure of the e -commerce industry will have a significant impact on the economy, and it will also have a great impact on everyone's daily life and work. Because our lives are now inseparable from the e -commerce industry, everyone has adapted to the way to buy things online, so if the e -commerce industry suddenly shuts down, then many people do not know where to buy things when they go to buy things. At the same time, there are tens of millions of practitioners in the e -commerce industry. If the industry is closed, the tens of millions of people will cause a great unemployment, which will further affect the development of the entire economy.
    . How to understand the e -commerce industry correctly?
    I always understands the electronic industry as an industry that benefits the people, because the emergence of this industry is not to drag down the physical industry, but a processing and promotion of the physical industry. If we can better attach importance to the physical industry and reasonably standardize the standards of the e -commerce industry, I believe it will bring you an unexpected effect.

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