1 thought on “How can hotel sales find the source of customers quickly?”

  1. 1. Advertising finding method
    Pevant to send advertisements to the target guests to attract guests to carry out business activities or accept feedback to launch activities. For example, use the media resources of cooperative merchants to send hotel promotion advertisements, and then start activities with other merchants in the target area.
    2. Introduce the finding method

    The salesperson to find customer search through the introduction of others or the information provided. The main ways are: oral introduction, telephone introduction, letter introduction, business card introduction, word of mouth effect, etc.

    3, house -to -one visit method

    The interview method also known as strange visit method or carpet -type search method, which is the method of visiting the households in advance in advance It is also called carpet search method, household access method, and on -site sales. It is an interview with all units or individuals in a specific area and specific industry when unfamiliar with customers, looking for potential customers.
    As long as you find a visit to all objects in a specific range, you can find a sufficient number of guests. The "carpet -type" interview, due to the wide interview, understanding the market information is relatively comprehensive, and can also expand the influence of the products that sell sales in the society. Because you can directly approach customers and hear various opinions, you can accumulate sales experience. This method is the only way for salesperson growth.
    4, network search method

    For new salespersons, finding customers online is the starting choice. Do not fix the search engine, the same keywords, there are different results in different search engine search. There are different countries that have local search engines, just like Chinese search engines have baidu. Find as much as possible in English -speaking search engines as much as possible, and then search with keywords.

    5. Efficiency, at the same time, can also minimize the blindness of business work and customer resistance. rn销售员经常利用的资料有:国家和地区的统计资料、企业黄页、政务公开指南、工商企业目录和产品目录、商会、协会、车友会、百强企业名录、电视、报纸、 Magazine, the Internet, recruitment network and other popular media, customers released news, product introduction, corporate publishing, SMS platforms, resource exchange merchants, intermediary merchants, travel agencies, large exhibitions, and so on.

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