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  1. The epidemic in 2020 cracked down offline business, but unexpectedly prompted community business to become popular. If it is said that large commercial centers are metaphorized to the "aorta" of the city, then community business is like a "capillaries".
    The community shops that focus on the "last mile", with the advantages of "zero distance" with consumers, gradually become a must -fight for soldiers. Kerry data shows that 30%-40%of urban residents' consumption expenditures are concentrated within 1 kilometer around the community, and this ratio is still rising. The statistics of Win-Shang Data also show that the incremental commercial proportion of 30,000 to 50,000 in 2021 accounted for 23.87%, an increase of 3.82%over 2020, the most significant increase.
    The community dealers today are no longer satisfied with the necessary items needed for the owners. The emergence of various types of online celebrity stores, the refined operation of the business district has made community shops began to become a new social place. Further increase the emotional viscosity of the community.
    Because of the popularity and expansion of community shops, investment shops have begun to truly become new opportunities for asset preservation and value -added.
    The market space of community business
    Since 2020, the internal circulation economy has been continuously mentioned. Essence Under the guidance of internal circular economic strategy, community business began to emerge.
    Recently, 12 departments such as the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of the Civil Life Circle of the City", which mentioned the focus on strengthening the layout of business outlets in old districts, new residential areas, and urban -rural areas. , Promote the development of the "one -minute bell life circle", support convenience stores, fresh supermarkets, and front warehouses.
    The so -called "one -minute clock to the people's life circle" refers to the range of community residents as a service target and service radius as a walk for about 15 minutes, with the goal of satisfying the basic consumption and quality consumption of residents. Community business district.
    News, with the support of strong policy, the future potential of community business is huge and the prospects are expected.
    Especially in the post -epidemic era, many people's consumption methods have quietly changed. Urban complexes and theme malls are generally impacted by the epidemic. However, the community business in front of the house is more prominent with the characteristics of convenience, flexibility, and planning formats for residents. For example, the ideal life of many children's families has become, and you can send the baby to the interest class when you go downstairs. There is a restaurant at the door of the house. Such business behaviors have a certain impact on traditional commercial real estate, but it means huge benefits for community business.
    The pre -preservation of people in the industry. In the future, the domestic community service market size may reach 13.5 trillion yuan. By 2030, about 20,000 new community commerce will be formed.
    Theteasters of the community in the era of quality consumption
    This shops relying on large communities, with the advantages of the doorstep, have long -term stable consumer groups and close -range advantages. Therefore, no matter which ways choose, the owners of the surrounding communities are used as the consumer group to make the community shops stable and the operation is more secure.
    For consumers of "new generations", personalized, fresh, and cost -effectiveness has become an important criterion for whether they are willing to consume. Therefore, the layout of the introduction of "new formats" and increased "new scenes" is particularly important. New formats and new scenes can not only bring new vitality to community business, but also innovate users' consumption experiences, fit the "new generation" consumption The needs of the group.
    Compared with commercial composite shops and commercial street shops, community shops are more suitable for personal investment because of their relatively low price advantages, more optional area segments, less holding costs, and richer formats. By.
    For store investors, whether it is independent and used for leasing, it can get benefits for the first time. In the face of the risks brought by uncertain factors, the pressure -resistant and hedging capacity of community shops is significantly stronger!
    The community shop, three generations of cash trees. The value -added benefits of community shops are more obvious, and with the increase of the population of the community, the value gradually increases. Therefore, the more mature community shops, the greater the value.
    Coustay statistics show that community operations are gradually standardized, making the rent of community shops increasing year by year. At the same time, the business districts composed of many shops are becoming more and more mature. , Even as high as 20%, much higher than the rent of residential (1-3%).
    The hardware software to catch Xishanjia No. 1 at the same time to build community business samples
    In general, choosing community shops, the most important thing is to look at the location and community popularity, occupying a high -end community C -position business, it is easier to be easier Become a community shop with unlimited "money", and Xishanjia No. 1 has created such a standard answer!
    as a improved community that has been selling since 2016, Xishanjia No. 1 is mainly large -scale residential houses. There are nearly 800 owners who provide ready -made and rich business scenarios for the store.
    It, the value of the location also determines the possibility of shop potential. Xishanjia No. 1 near Metro Line 14, Zhang Guozhuang Station, is not far from the north is the Garden Expo Park, and the personnel exchanges are dense. In addition, the commercial street of Xishanjia No. 1 is also deployed in the core location of the "horns" and "edge" of the main street. The law of the store investing in the law of gold is "Golden Horn and Silver Border", which is the key to selection and shops. The commercial street in Xishanjia No. 1 is now located in the southeast corner of the entire group. It is close to the busy intersection of traffic. The distance is the subway station. The traffic is large and it is preferred to choose the shop.
    It's unit type, Xishanjia No. 1 is currently all the existing housing shops, that is, it is used to buy it, which perfectly meets the consumer demand of the community. The construction area of ​​the shop is 24-174 square meters. It can be used as a small and beautiful online celebrity store, or a new format such as training institutions or medical beauty, which will radiate 3 kilometers around the residential area of ​​3 kilometers around.
    Compared with traditional commerce, community shops have a richer social experience experience, and they are highly dependent on the consumption habits and life models of community residents and affect each other.
    . Although the current community business is still in the stage of exploration development, as the consumption demand of residents continues to be upgraded and expanded, community business has broader development prospects and market opportunities. In the future, community residents will rely more on the last mile circle. "Merchants and customers have a close -up advantage of seamless docking, making community business more likely to derive the one -stop consumption model that meets the mainstream trends. R n Edit/Liu Yang-Guangsha

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