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  1. The simulation flower belongs to the 2606 group of the 26th category of trademark classification.
    The operating scope of simulation plant companies, production and sales, plastic flowers, silk flowers, simulation lawns, plastic simulation plants, sports facilities, kindergarten facilities; cargo import and export; garden maintenance management; simulated lawn flowers placement set; garden greening project Construction; general contracting of garden greening engineering and construction; subcontracting of construction labor services.
    planting, seedling, flowers; leasing machinery and equipment; sales, lawns, flowers, seedlings, compound fertilizers, plant growth agents, garden machinery, feed, construction machinery, electronic accessories, building materials, decorative materials, hardware and electricity, electricity electricity, electricity electricity, electricity electricity, electricity, electricity, electricity, electricity, and electricity, and electricity, hardware electricity, electricity, and electricity, and electricity, hardware, and electricity, and electricity. Daily department stores, office supplies, computer accessories. Simulation plants, crafts, gift production and sales; construction of garden greening projects.
    Puration and sales of water -based coatings and water -based adhesives. Simulation plant production, processing, and sales; simulation plant, flower painting craft packaging manufacturing, sales and import and export trade.
    The introduction:
    The office area of ​​the Yihua Kai brand is in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, and opened an official flagship store such as the flagship store of Yikai and the official flagship store of Ruhua Kai. The majority of netizens can also buy the same products as the physical store of Ruhua Kaikai.
    It, such as the one -flowering brand, since its establishment, it has been loved by users. Although it has achieved some good results, it has not slowed down, and it is still becoming the top brand in the industry. effort.

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